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SupportSave Solutions, Inc. (SSVE) Leverages Efficiencies to Offer a Full Array of Business Services at Competitive Prices

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

SupportSave Solutions Inc. provides onshore and offshore business process outsourcing (BPO) from service delivery centers centrally located in the Philippines. This location, Cebu City – the second largest city in the islands, and ranking at the top of Asian cities in terms of BPO functions – offers business services to clients in the travel and hospitality industries, as well as those in banking and financial services, insurance, technology, retail, and telecommunications industries.

SupportSave is able to provide comprehensive and effective offshore business service delivery service at affordable prices thanks to its complete familiarity with the Philippines labor market. This expanded understanding of the supply side of BPO has allowed SupportSave to create fully functioning service centers to deliver fully redundant voice and data business services via backup links and secondary connections. SupportSave also boasts an enterprise-grade network infrastructure with robust connectivity, redundant generator sets to insure that all that connectivity is deliverable, and a host of other features that U.S. and multinational corporations have come to expect of any large BPO provider.

Unlike others, however, SupportSave provides these services without the bulky overhead and weighted cost structures, by controlling the expenditures that otherwise typically go into infrastructure, technology and labor management. This allows the Company to offer BPO services like contact center and back-office support at a substantial discount as compared with other BPO service providers on the Indian subcontinent or in the Philippines.

The Company’s financial strength is easily verified and its management and business practices completely transparent, thanks to a skilled executive team that has transitioned quite a number of large (multi-million-dollar) projects for various, easily recognized multinationals in banking, travel, insurance and other sectors. In fact, SupportSave offers all the in-depth services and features of much larger BPOs, but at less than half the cost, thanks to its intense focus on cost-efficient business-process modeling and smart spending.

These features include superior customer service from an array of call centers, and extensive back-office support services like routine administrative tasking, database building, data entry, document management and technical support. It is this array of functions that allows SupportSave to help businesses deliver the sort of customer experience that drives brand loyalty and supports incremental revenue growth while still saving on operating costs.

But the Company offers more than cost savings, or reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). It also offers flexibility toward process enhancement, improved voice-of-the-customer record integration, and overall deal structuring, which larger firms can’t manage because their size creates a certain inherent functional rigidity.

SupportSave’s cost savings are achieved by strategic geographical location of service centers and a frugal yet sensible approach to provisioning them. These savings are further enhanced by using open-source technologies and platforms rather than expensive licensing strategies, and by streamlining delivery infrastructure with technological innovations as they become available.

It is thanks to this wide-ranging yet affordable BPO structuring that SupportSave is currently supplying customer service and technical support to a leading home appliance original equipment manufacturer (OEM); providing research services for an online brand preservation agency; providing technical support for several software-as-a-service (SaaS) firms; providing lead generation for sales by a private equity firm; and delivering back-end staffing services (job posting, online support) for a major employment agency.

These are only a few examples of the services that the Company can offer. SupportSave can also deliver cost-effective blog updating, data mining, ad posting, order processing, resume formatting, interview scheduling for job seekers, and – in the real estate field – property listing, appointment setting, and foreclosure status confirmation, among other things.

The Company also offers medical business services, from scheduling patient tests to follow-up and reminder calls, screening, billing and collections – all services that SupportSave can provide for a cost of $897 per full-time employee per month, on a 24/7 time frame, which equates to $5.18 per hour – a flat-rate model that makes outsourcing financially feasible even for small businesses.

SupportSave plans to use this lean but effective business model to grow both organically, by acquiring new customers, and through acquisitions in the same vertical, some of which the Company’s management team has already identified. The growth should be easy to achieve, thanks to SupportSave’s full range of BPO services, highly competitive rates, and a level of quality and reliability that drives its own brand loyalty.

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SupportSave Solutions, Inc. (SSVE) Knows the Fast Changing BPO Industry

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

The business process outsourcing (BPO) industry has gone through significant changes over the last several years, as the economy has made cost cutting at all levels an imperative, forcing BPOs to transition to meet the demand for increasingly high-end services. The multi-billion dollar industry continues to expand, vying to identify and tap geographical areas that offer the most talent for the dollar. A wrong move can mean millions invested in overseas service centers that are uncompetitive. As a result, BPO providers require people intimately familiar with the terrain.

SupportSave, a fast growing BPO offering a high-efficiency business model designed to make full-service outsourcing a compelling option for even small companies, was founded by Chris Johns, the company’s current Chairman. With over 15 years of telecom, VOIP, and BPO experience, Johns has led global operations in the U.S., Latin America, and Asia. To manage and advise SupportSave, he hand-picked the experience he wanted.

• Beatrice White (Operations Manager) was originally hired as one of the company’s first dedicated reps, bringing floor-management and supervisory background experience from her work with DELL’s captive center in Manila. She quickly rose through the ranks, and is now responsible for all service delivery and center management.
• Alan Savitch (VP of Business Development) is a seasoned BPO executive with a record of growth and profitability. He’s serviced some of the world’s most customer-oriented Fortune 500 companies, working with telecommunications, automotive, financial, electronic commerce, utilities, travel, hospitality, governmental, pharmaceutical and healthcare providers.
• Hon. Richard Halprin (Board Member), a Cum Laude graduate in Law, has an extensive background in a wide range of legal specialties, including small business litigation and strategies. In 2006, he was appointed magistate in the 45b District Court for the State of Michigan.
• David Foot (IT Director and Board Member) has decades of experience in the application of computer and engineering technologies, and has given SupportSave a world-class infrastructure that has allowed the company to grow exponentially.

For additional information on SupportSave, visit the company’s website at

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SupportSave Solutions, Inc. (SSVE) Casts a Wide Net

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Anyone doubting the extent to which companies are turning to overseas outsourcing, to reduce costs and firm up their bottom line, need only look at SupportSave Solutions, a growing provider of remotely manageable business processes with primary operations in the Philippines. The company’s high-efficiency business model allows even small companies to take advantage of serious cost savings, and the range of industries and operational needs they serve is extensive.

SupportSave caters to high-tech electronics and software companies, transportation and logistics, retail and e-Commerce, media and publishing, and online service providers, among others. They provide a variety of contact center services, industry-specific back office processing, collections, and other offerings, including the following:

• Customer Acquisition
• Customer Verification & Activation
• Customer Retention
• General Customer Service
• Technical Support
• Helpdesk
• Billing & Settlements
• Travel Reservations
• Call Quality Monitoring
• Collection Services
• Skip Tracing
• Account Setup
• Data Entry & Auditing
• Order Provisioning
• Order Management
• Fulfillment Services
• Loan Filing & Processing
• Online Research
• Transcription
• Email Management
• Online Chat Support
• Web Content Management
• Fax Processing

Just in the area of online service provision, SupportSave offers a number of low-cost support options:

• Medical / Healthcare – properly schedule patients, make reminder calls, answer questions, screen calls, make billing and payment calls
• E-Commerce – order processing, customer service (phone, email, live chat), technical support, ad posting, blog updates, data entry competitive reviews, data mining
• Online Staffing & Recruitment – ad posting, resume critiquing and formatting, job seeker site searches, information package response, interview scheduling, preliminary screening, follow-up calls, email management
• Real Estate Management – checking foreclosure status, property listing, appointment setting, gathering client requirements, flyer preparation

For additional information on SupportSave, visit the company’s website at

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SupportSave Solutions, Inc. (SSVE) Uses Value to Target Wider Market

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

When you rank a city as being the best in Asia for a given market, you are saying something, considering you are talking about a growing and dynamic resource of several billion people, and thousands of competing cities. But that’s exactly what people are saying about Cebu City, located in the central Philippines. Cebu City was recently ranked as the best city in Asia for BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services, an expanding industry being tapped by large and now medium and small businesses. The city’s readily available and affordable English-speaking workforce, together with a fast developing communications infrastructure, has made it ideal for the cost-effective outsourcing of customer service and other business processes. However, until recently, successfully tapping such an outsourcing goldmine was left to the largest companies, the ones who could afford the time and money required to identify and properly manage a distant labor resource.

SupportSave Solutions, Inc., by focusing on foundational cost efficiencies, such as locating in Cebu, has turned the situation around. SupportSave is able to offer the features and benefits of a large multi-national BPO firm at a fraction of the normal cost. The company, with well-established delivery centers in Cebu, has a deep understanding of the Philippines labor market for outsourcing, and the best ways it can use that resource to support diverse industries, including the telecom, travel, banking, insurance, and technology/industrial sectors. The company’s facilities have an on-site management team, together with fully redundant voice and data links to the U.S., enterprise grade network infrastructure, redundant generator sets, and other capabilities necessary for the high level of reliability companies seek.

SupportSave’s reputation for cost-efficient modeling has allowed them to offer significantly more value for each client dollar, and has been a basis for their growth, allowing them to target smaller companies as well as cost-conscious large companies. Although they have worked successfully with some of the biggest companies, their superior cost/value model has effectively made high-level outsourcing an option for smaller companies, widening the SupportSave market.

For additional information on SupportSave, visit the company’s website at

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SupportSave Solutions, Inc. (SSVE) is “One to Watch”

Friday, July 29th, 2011

SupportSave Solutions, Inc. provides the global business community with superior outsourcing services, working on behalf of several leading organizations. The company’s large and growing team is capable of a variety of remotely manageable processes including contact center and industry specific back-office functions.

The company was founded with the mission of helping others become more competitive in their respective industries. As a top outsourcing services provider, SupportSave helps businesses deliver superior customer experience, improve customer loyalty, drive incremental revenue growth, maximize operational efficiency, and save operating costs.

Extensive experience and domain expertise in the customer-management space has enabled SupportSave to offer clients a full array of BPO services at a fraction of the cost. By focusing relentlessly on cost-efficient modeling, process enhancement, deal structuring and smart-spending, the company is able to prudently offer exceptional rates to clients.

The company is entering the next expansion phase both strategically and operationally. With company-wide optimism, SupportSave continues to reinvest in its business by expanding service-offerings and building on long-term value. Combined with new sales and marketing initiatives, the company is well positioned to leverage its core strengths for further growth.

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SupportSave Solutions, Inc. (SSVE.OB) Selected by Fastest Growing Job Site on the Internet

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

SupportSave Solutions, Inc., provider of Business Processing Outsourcing (“BPO”) services, announced that it has been selected by a leading jobs website to provide back-office support.

“It is very gratifying to announce our contract to provide at least 20 and up to 50 agents for the fastest growing online career destination in the world,” said Chris Johns, SupportSave’s CEO. “In these challenging times, job seekers need more than just a listing on a generic website. They need a high level of service, which is where our talented, articulate support agents come in.”

He added, “Our specialists provide the highest quality support, while helping our clients keep costs down, enabling them, in turn, to provide their services to customers at an affordable price. In these challenging economic times, that is more important than ever.”

“Our pipeline has never been stronger. Demand seems to be bolstered by the current crisis as companies seek to increase productivity and improve operational efficiency by outsourcing. SupportSave stands to gain as a low-cost provider of services. With an anticipated record quarter recently completed, growth is only accelerating,” closed Johns.

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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: SupportSave Solutions Inc. (SSVE.OB)

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

SupportSave Solutions Inc. provides both onshore and off-shore business process outsourcing (BPO) services to clients in the travel & hospitality, technology, financial services, retail and telecommunications industries. The company’s outsourcing center in the Philippines meets the needs of small and mid-sized businesses, offering a more affordable solution with services priced at a 65% to 75% discount compared to most Indian and other Filipino BPOs.

The company offers the services of full-time dedicated representatives at $897 per head per month, or $5.18 per hour. SupportSave Solutions utilizes a “Flat-Rate-Per-Month” service model to make outsourcing affordable for small businesses, but eliminates default risk by requiring its clients to pre-pay for monthly service. SSVE facilities operate 24/7, providing the flexibility to support a wide variety of client businesses.

SupportSave Solutions intends to grow both organically and through acquisitions. The Company has identified acquisition targets that would further expand its client base and contribute to earnings. With strong underlying growth in the BPO market, competitive positioning as a low-cost leader and a full range of services, SupportSave Solutions is well positioned for revenue and earnings growth.

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SupportSave Solutions, Inc. (SSVE.OB) Announces Stock Buyback Program

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

SupportSave Solutions, a provider of business process outsourcing services in the Philippines, may be buying back approximately 500,000 shares of the company’s stock. At present there is no set time for the program to begin, but it will be subject to market conditions. In order to buy back the stock, the company will be utilizing the positive cash flow from operations that it presently has on hand.

Commenting on the program, Chris Johns, CEO of SupportSave Solutions stated, “We believe that the repurchase of our stock represents an attractive investment based on current market prices and therefore represents an accretive investment opportunity for both the company and our shareholder.”

The strength of our balance sheet enables us to execute this program while still being able to achieve our short- and long-term growth strategies and build greater shareholder value. We believe that our shares are undervalued, and this buyback is an effective use of our capital.”

According to the company, there are some stipulations to the program, including leaving the timing and exact number of shares to be purchased up to their discretion. Further, the buyback may occur in open market, negotiated or block transactions, and there is no intent to repurchase any shares from its management team or other insiders, and finally the stock buyback program does not obligate the company to acquire any specific number of shares and may be suspended or discontinued at any time.

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SupportSave Solutions, Inc. (SSVE.OB) Announces 85% Increase in Consecutive Quarterly Total Revenue and Net Income

Friday, January 4th, 2008

SupportSave Solutions announced recently that its revenue increased to $211,305 for the three months ended November 30, 2007 from $113,914 for the three months ended August 31, 2007; an 85% increase. Net income increased 85% as well as it increased from $21,819 to $40,278.

The CEO of the Company, Christopher Johns commented, “This has been a quarter of significant ramp up for us, and the numbers clearly support our business model of providing affordable BPO services to the relatively underserved small- to mid-size business market. In only three months, revenue and net income increased eighty-five percent, thereby significantly surpassing our projected growth of 10-20% month-over-month for the quarter.”

He continued, “The company’s top-line growth reflects some important developments and business opportunities that occurred over the quarter. First, we expanded and extended our agreement with one of our leading clients. The thirty-six-month agreement includes BPO services for forty full-time equivalent employees with a potential value of $1 million. This contract marks the company’s largest one to date and signifies yet another vote of confidence in our model and services. In addition to organic growth from our current client base, we also continue to broaden our client base.”

In conclusion he stated, “Overall, we are extremely pleased with our financial performance this quarter and look forward to continued growth from both existing and new clients. We remain on track to achieve 10-20% month-over-month growth for at least the next two quarters, and we are pleased with our progress thus far.”

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SupportSave Solutions, Inc. (SSVE.OB) Migrates to New State-Of-The-Art Center

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

SupportSave Solutions is currently moving to a new 9,000 Sq. Ft. building that will be equipped with 326 workstations, an upgraded IT infrastructure, an enterprise level firewall, and an increased bandwidth capacity.

The decision to move to the new center was decided on for the reason that it will give the company additional room to grow as their clients’ needs increase. SupportSave Solutions has also shown concern for their shareholders by becoming a fully-reporting company traded on the NASDAQ Over-the-counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB).

The company has grown 10-20% each month consistently for the past year and now has over 100 employees. Their goal is to continue growing profitability until they are eligible for uplisting to the NASDAQ Capital market or the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) in the next 12-18 months. The requirements to doing so include a minimum share price of $3 and $750,000 in pre-tax earnings.

The company has included each of their partners and employees as shareholders as an enticement to do their best and allows them to benefit from the growing success that they contribute to. SupportSave Solutions is the only company in the Philippines to offer this benefit, which helps establish themselves as a top competitor in the industry.

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