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Dutton Associates Featured Company: Telanetix Inc. (TNXI.OB)

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Telanetix Incorporated is breaking all of the stereotypes previously associated with live video conferences. They are redefining the industry by providing videoconferencing solutions that utilize Internet technology to allow users to interact in a videoconferencing environment from various multiple locations. They provide complete systems, including the monitors, cameras, audio equipment, and the peripheral equipment necessary to enable a “hotspot” in the conference room for the wireless operation of the system controls and data-sharing. Telanetix also offers various related services, including network connectivity, network management, parts warranty and exchange.

The goal that Telanetix set out to achieve was to electronically merge multiple remote rooms into a single environment. They realized that this could only be achieved using the latest in electronic technologies in addition to solid programming and a lot of dedicated bandwidth. The results were called Digital Presence Technology, Telanetix’s unique combination of factors that facilitate interaction between life-sized images of people and their environment. The results are a stunning videoconference that allows users to maintain eye contact and body language with one another as if they are in the same room.

The hardware and software provided by Telanetix allow multiple locations to view a high-resolution monitor of any size to broadcast the streaming video and audio feeds from the other participants. This equipment is currently being marketed to large and mid-sized companies, universities, and governmental agencies, but can be utilized by anyone with videoconferencing needs who no longer wants to be subjected to the issues associated with previous videoconferencing technologies.

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Telanetix, Inc. (TNXI.OB) Exceeds Revenue and Gross Profit Expectations for Fourth Quarter

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Telanetix, Inc. (OTC BB: TNXI), an IP solutions provider of telepresence and VoIP services to the SMB and SME markets, announced late yesterday afternoon that it has surpassed its revenue and gross profit expectations for the fourth quarter of 2007. The company reported fourth quarter 2007 revenue of $7.4 million, which was better than its expectations of $7.1 million. Gross profit was 47.8%, exceeding the target of 41%.

“We are very pleased to report the programs we engaged in the third quarter of 2007 including the acquisition of AccessLine have proven to be successful in marketplace traction, and our products have been successful in creating new revenue,” commented Tom Szabo, Telanetix chairman and CEO. “We continue to fortify our position in the industry with the introduction of key new video and voice product offerings that expand our range of available market, and we continue to focus on product and operational efficiencies to further enhance our gross profit margin.”

“2007 was a transformational year for Telanetix,” Rick Ono said, Telanetix COO. “The strong fourth quarter, with the integration of our voice and video businesses, drove our 2007 full year revenue to $12.2 million. Our significantly higher run rate enables us to operate on a much broader scale with the opportunity to enjoy accelerated growth.”

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