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San Jose Shark Hockey Fans Participate in the Action While Seated on Their Living Room Furniture

Monday, December 8th, 2014

San Jose Shark hockey fans will be watching their team’s home games in a way no other fan can speak of. The experience promises to be quite unique and comes complete with, shall we say – a little kicker. No, we’re not talking about a coupon from a fast food chain or a free calendar at your participating grocer. Ask anyone who knows what it sounds, looks and feels like to be checked into the boards by a 220 pound left wing and they’ll give you some insight into what this very special value add is.

Thanks to some innovative thinking by the marketing brass at Comcast SportsNet Bay Area and the folks at The Guitammer Company (OTCQB: GTMM), the partnership plans to implement a cutting-edge broadcast technology which is sure to boost the action for die hard hockey fans and coach potatoes alike.

The technology is termed “4D Sports” and uses sensors placed on the boards at SAP Center in San Jose to capture and distribute the impact of NHL hits during Sharks home games to the home. The couch in your living room is transformed into a new sensory experience. The technology debuted during the recent Florida Panthers-Sharks game.

David Koppett, senior executive producer, live events, Comcast SportsNet California said, “We thought, ‘Hey, this could be an interesting and unique experience for fans.’ This is something they couldn’t get anywhere else. We’re in Silicon Valley, home of innovative tech, and Sharks fans are especially interested in things like this and are very tech-savvy.”

To enjoy the 4D Sports experience fans need to buy a wireless ButtKicker Kit at or another retailer. After placing the device under one of the legs of your coach, the technology behaves like a silent subwoofer as it picks up a signal transmitted through the broadcast via CSN California’s signal. The experience feels as though your coach has turned into giant PlayStation controller that vibrates simultaneously with the physical action on the screen.

Seventy-six sensors have been connected to panels around the SAP Center rink which capture the impact of players slamming and pounding into the boards. The information is converted into a new patented stream added to CSN Bay Area’s broadcast. This stream is converted to a signal received by the device under the furniture.

Guitammer President and Chief Executive Officer Mark Luden said, “We’re hoping to be keeping that data digital. We’re managing each sensor individually. When we can run digital all the way to the set-top box it will make the workflow easier and open up the opportunity for the network to monetize that separately if they decide they want to.”

David Koppett added, “I think it’s exciting and there are a lot of potentialities here,” says Koppett. “The possibility of having an encoded signal through the set-top box to react to the action on-screen is intriguing. That could make it a lot more active. Every league is getting involved with player and puck tracking now, so imagine how those things could work together. We’re just at the start of the potential could be.”

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The Guitammer Company (GTMM) Breaks New Ground with Tactile Broadcast Technology

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

A number of recent articles have reported on how an athlete’s performance data can now be collected by cameras and software (e.g. the National Basketball Association’s SportVU system) or through wearable technology or sensors that send information from an athlete’s body to receivers that record the data. A lot can be learned from such personalized information. Sports teams alone can use the knowledge to improve training schedules, design the most successful game plans, and make sensible financial decisions based on performance. Likewise, the collection of personalized performance data can revolutionize how sports are broadcast. In fact, it already is.

A recent Silicon Valley Business Journal article—“The quantified All-Star: How wearable tech is changing the way pro sports are played, paid for and watched”—discusses this rising trend and how Guitammer, an Ohio-based company, is looking to flourish in this new era of broadcasting. Guitammer is currently developing a promising partnership with the National Hockey League’s San Jose Sharks and Comcast SportsNet. Once the partnership terms are set, Comcast SportsNet is expected to use Guitammer’s patented, tactile broadcast technology to air Sharks’ games in “4-D.” Guitammer’s system works by sending out perceptible information to viewers at home, allowing them to “feel” the action when, for example, one hockey player slams another into the boards.

Imagine the possibilities. Imagine you had the ability to view and experience a live hockey game from your favorite player’s point of view thanks to a chip in that player’s shoulder pad. People would pay for that kind of privilege and virtual experience. In fact, they already do. Verizon Communications provides a comparable experience with the INDYCAR 14 mobile app, which offers subscribers the choice of viewing various in-car cameras, hearing live driver-pit crew chatter, and peeking behind the scenes during live professional car races. Last fall, Guitammer’s tactile technology was also used to enable the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) races on ESPN2.

Comcast SportsNet would be an excellent partner for Guitammer at this launching-off point. Owned and operated by Comcast Corporation, which also owns NBCUniversal, Comcast SportsNet comprises several regional sports networks with widespread presence throughout the U.S. The group covers various live sporting events from Major League Baseball to NCAA sports. NBC also shows NFL games and broadcasts the NHL nationally. A partnership with Comcast would offer Guitammer the promise of additional growth opportunities in the future.

Guitammer began developing its broadcast technology in 2007. The technology, which is designed to encode live broadcasts with haptic-tactile signals, has potential benefits that could apply to the entire broadcast network. It also speaks to the possibility of tactile broadcasts as the next step after UltraHD. Consequently, Guitammer’s management has been very active in pioneering the standards for tactile broadcast technologies in order to avoid having the type of conflict HDD had with BluRay or VHS with Beta with competing technologies and, ultimately, to avoid confusing the market.

Guitammer intends to commercialize its broadcast technology using a recurring revenue model that is favorable to satellite, cable, and FiOS broadcasters as well as content creators, distributors, and end users, no matter what brand of haptic-tactile hardware they use. Guitammer also sees another revenue opportunity in the future; it could license its “ButtKicker” brand of haptic-tactile home hardware technology to hardware manufacturers interested in taking advantage of enhanced broadcasts.

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How Guitammer Company (GTMM) is Shaking-Up Entertainment and Sports Viewing

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Guitammer Company’s patented “4D” technologies are designed to add impact to movies, music, video, and broadcasts by using its broadcast technology and low frequency audio transducers that provide an immersive entertainment experience.

The company’s award-winning ButtKicker® is a wireless device that is placed under a chair or couch to simulate movement in coordination with action on the television or movie screen, enabling viewers to “feel” the activity on the screen.

Last fall, Guitammer launched the first-of-its-kind tactile enhanced live sports broadcast to a national audience for the National Hot Rod Association races on ESPN2. The airing marked a significant milestone for the company as its initial deployment of its broadcast technology was on the world’s largest sport network.

In line with the ingenuity of its Butt Kicker ™ products, Guitammer has released three high-impact videos, a TV commercial airing on ESPN2 during the NHRA broadcasts, an in-theater cinema commercial just beginning to run in ButtKicker enabled movie theaters, and a “Making of Tactile Broadcasting” overview showing just how the NHRA on ESPN2 is being broadcast in “4D” You can see them here are Guitammer’s YouTube channel:

• The Making of Tactile Broadcasting:
• 4D Sports Commercial on ESPN2:
• 4D Cinema In-Theater Commercial:

Throughout 2013, Guitammer worked hard to expand its market presence, adding more than 4,000 “4D” ButtKicker seats in 22 auditoriums, nearly doubling its U.S. footprint and more than doubling its footprint in China and Hong Kong. With its existing cinema deployment the company forecasts that in 2014 more than 400,000 people in the U.S. and more than 500,000 people in China will experience a movie using its “4D” technology.

For 2014, the company plans to continue its growth trend by focusing on four key areas: Further deployment of its Broadcast Technology combined with the acceleration of sports marketing activation of NHRA on ESPN2, strategic partnerships and patent filings; Cinema Deployment with aggressive in-cinema advertising and efforts to continue to secure additional cinema seats, especially in the United States; Consumer Home Hardware by resuming year-over-year sales growth and pursuit of strategic licensing and distribution agreements; and Capital Markets by securing a strategic investment of $5 million or more.

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The Guitammer Company (GTMM) and NHRA Team Up through Marketing Agreement

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

The Guitammer Company and NHRA are teaming up to bring the excitement of NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing straight to your living room. The companies signed a multi-year marketing agreement, where Guitammer will deliver the first-ever tactile enhanced sports show to NRHA’s national audience. The milestone event will go down during the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series telecasts on ESPN2.

Gary Darcy, NHRA’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, remarked, “NHRA is the fastest, most powerful motorsports on the planet. It is also the most sensory sport and through this innovative technology, fans will be able to ‘feel’ the cars in their living rooms. This provides a great way for NHRA to connect to our fans at home and give them a taste of the ‘real experience’ of attending an NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series event.”

The partnership also calls for Guitammer, which is known for its “ButtKicker” and “4D Sports” brands, to have an interactive display in NHRA’s Manufacturers Midway. The display will feature demonstrations of its “4D Sports powered by Buttkicker” technology and products, and will advertise elements in the ESPN telecasts.

“We believe this is a significant milestone in our efforts to commercialize our broadcast technology,” said Mark Luden, Guitammer’s president. “NHRA is an ideal starting point for us and we are very committed to providing new ways to bring the thrill of racing to the fans at home.”

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The Guitammer Company Inc. (GTMM) to Launch Innovative 4D Broadcasting Technology

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Technology is changing at a rapid-fire pace, and with mobile devices increasingly moving towards “4D” options, companies are finding innovative ways to get ahead of the pack in the industry. So far, we’ve seen most 4D technology employed in mobile devices, or in products like Google Glass, but The Guitammer Company is about to change the game by introducing its 4D capabilities into the over-the-air broadcast space.

Today, this public company will deploy its unique patented 4D technology that will bring immersive viewing options to sports and general entertainment programs. The company’s ButtKicker™ and its companion technology, ButtKicker Live!™, products give viewers a more visceral and compelling experience when watching music, sports, and action films.

Guitammer’s 4D broadcast patent allows ButtKicker Live!™ to bring immersive viewing experiences into the home through broadcast TV. It’s compatible with over the air options, cable, satellite, FiOS, and IPTV.

The company is on the brink of achieving key milestones with ButtKicker and ButtKicker Live! Success in this space will provide a significant boost to the company’s top and bottom lines. The market for 4D broadcasting is developing every day, and represents a sizable opportunity for Guitammer on the order of $500 million over the next few years in both one-time and recurring revenues.

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The Guitammer Company (GTMM) and Obutto Join Forces to Expand Sales in US

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

The Guitammer Company, a company best known for its award-winning line of ButtKicker®-brand low frequency audio transducers, announced that its relationship with Obutton has been expanded. By partnering with Main Performance PC, ButtKicker brand products will reach more gamers, simulation racers, and flight simulation customers throughout the United States.

Main Performance PC, located in Memphis, TN, and Auburn, WA, manufactures and sells its own line of high-end gaming PCs and a full range of simulator products and accessories. The company is the exclusive US Obutto gaming cockpit distributor.

Michael Main, President and Co-Owner of Main Performance PC, stated, “ButtKicker gear is simply killer stuff and a must have for every gamer, sim racer and flight simmer. It’s the perfect addition to the Obutto line of Gaming Cockpits. I think all of our customers, especially our gaming PC customers, will be interested in adding the realism that ButtKicker offers.”

Mark A. Luden, President / CEO of Guitammer, added, “Our expanded relationship with Obutto and our new relationship with Michael and Main Performance PC show the continuing demand for that final piece of the gaming, racing and flight simulation experience that ButtKicker brand products offer. We think our relationship with Main Performance will help us grow our sales in this market segment.”

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The Guitammer Company (GTMM) – Technological Evolution in Motion

Friday, June 28th, 2013

The Guitammer Company was founded by musician, composer, and producer Ken McCaw, who was looking for a way to commercialize a patented guitar accessory called the Hammer Jammer. The next product to emerge from Guitammer was the solution to a problem McCaw and his drummer were experiencing in wanting to be able to feel the low end without turning the stage monitors up so loud that it disturbed the rest of the band.

This was the moment the idea for ButtKicker® brand low frequency audio transducers were born, offering monitoring, timing, and synchronization by allowing the musicians to feel the low-end beat. With the help of Marvin Clamme, former sound engineer for Tom Jones, Merle Haggard, the Beach Boys and others, McCaw developed the original ButtKicker transducer prototypes.

After several years of product development, a patent was issued for ButtKicker brand low frequency audio transducers, which went to market in late 1999. Now, the company is a revenue-generating company with a worldwide market reach.

The company’s product line includes the original ButtKicker transducer, designed for musicians’ monitoring, timing and synchronization. Pearl Drums recently released the Pearl Throne Thumper, by ButtKicker, a co-developed product.

The company’s newly patented broadcast technology, ButtKicker LIVE!® relays the excitement, impact, and feeling of sporting events to broadcast along with the sound and video. The technology is available for cable, satellite, fiber optic, IPTV, and “over-the-air” broadcast and has been successfully tested with several major content (sports) providers.

The ButtKicker low frequency transducer is ideal for home theater use, reproducing bass and special effects from the subwoofer and .1 LFE sound tracks. The technology literally shakes the couch or home theater seating in sync with the movie, music, or game.

The ButtKicker Gamer was specifically designed for gamers who want to “feel” the action from video games and simulators. Users can turn down or turn off the subwoofer and still feel all the bass – even while using headphones.

ButtKicker® brand products are also used in movie theaters, simulation rides, dance floors, 4D theaters, planetariums, science centers, amusement parks, and attractions all over the world to thrill and entertain. ButtKicker 4D theaters allow viewers to “feel” the impacts, special effects and bone-rattling bass. No special encoding is required.

To-date, Guitammer has deployed its technology in nearly 10,000 seats in 12 countries.

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The Guitammer Company, Inc. (GTMM) and the Noise Problem

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

When New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently kicked off an educational campaign to get people, especially the young, to lower the volume when using in-ear headphones (earbuds), it caused a lot of “nanny-state” controversy. Over and above the storm, however, is the fact that there has been a growing number of young teenagers experiencing noise-induced hearing loss, a jump of approximately 30% over the past couple of decades. Today, roughly 5 million children between 6 and 19 years of age report some degree of noise-induced hearing loss. These are not surprising numbers to doctors that treat the problem, or people who work around children and can see the amount of time that they wear earbuds and know the volume of the music.

It’s a problem that has long plagued professional musicians. Studies have shown that members of bands and orchestras have a far greater chance of experience hearing loss than non-musicians of the same age. It’s easy for modern bands, with a wealth of powerful electronics at hand, to crank up the volume in an attempt to engage the listener. However, it turns out that there is far more to it than just grabbing the audience. Turning up the volume was the only way that bass players and drummers were able to adequately hear the low-frequency sounds that they were producing.

The Guitammer Company was, in fact, largely built as a superior answer to that exact problem. Founder Ken McCaw, an accomplished musician, composer, and producer, originally started the company in order to commercialize a patented guitar accessory called the Hammer Jammer, and was soon focusing on low-frequency audio transducers to solve a problem Ken (a bass player) and his drummer had. They wanted to be able to feel the low end without turning the stage monitors up so loud that it disturbed the rest of the band. Soon Marvin Clamme, former sound engineer for Tom Jones, Merle Haggard, the Beach Boys, and others, joined forces with Ken to develop the original transducer prototypes. After several years of product development, a patent was issued for this new magnetically suspended transducer.

The result is an innovative sound technology that effectively transforms low-frequency sounds into tactile chair vibrations that the listener can actually feel, solving the musician’s problem. But that turned out to be only the beginning. Now Guitammer technology is being used in movie theaters and presentation sites all over the world, by Disney, IMAX, and AMC, to name a few, successfully enhancing the viewer experience.

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The Guitammer Company (GTMM) and Obutto Join Forces to Deliver Immersive 4D Gaming Worldwide

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

The Guitammer Company, a leader in low frequency sound and creator of the award-winning line of ButtKicker®-brand low frequency audio transducers that provide an immersive entertainment experience, has teamed up with Obutto to expand joint marketing efforts to include sim racers and flight sim customers in China as well as distribution in Canada and Europe.

Obutto is now selling the ButtKicker Gamer2 throughout China on their online store in the Taobao Marketplace ( Comparable to eBay and Amazon, Taobao is a Chinese language website for online shopping. The ecommerce website facilitates consumer-to-consumer retail by providing a platform for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs to open online retail stores and reach consumers in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

Chris Dunagan, Founder of Obutto, stated, “ButtKicker brand products add that final piece of realism that our customers want when using our sim-racing and flight sim cockpits. The difference between using racing or flying with a ButtKicker Gamer2 and without a ButtKicker Gamers2 is unbelievable. Every sim-racer and flight sim’er absolutely has to add ButtKicker to their cockpit if they are serious about their experience.” The build quality, accuracy and power of the ButtKicker Gamer2 is superb. We also found it’s an ideal way to be able to listen to music with headphones and still have all the bass beat you want without annoying co-workers while working in one of our cockpits.”

Mark A. Luden, President / CEO of Guitammer, commented, “Chris and I share the same vision of providing solutions to our customers that are compelling, affordable and provide a differentiated experience. The Obutto cockpit is well thought out, high quality and extremely affordable. Their newest cockpit, the r3volution, is not just a sim cockpit, but it is an entire workstation that can conceivably replace your desk at work. We look forward to growing our business with Obutto worldwide.”

For Obutto and ButtKicker brand sim sales in Europe, visit Game Tech at For sim sales in Canada, visit Simulation 1 Systems at

To learn more about The Guitammer Company and its ButtKicker systems, visit

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The Guitammer Company (GTMM) Targeting Multiple Growing Markets

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

The Guitammer Company technology was originally conceived for musicians, as a way to help bass players and drummers actually feel the low-end frequency sounds that such players create. For years, one of the frustrations of bass players and drummers was that, in order to hear what they are playing, they had to increase the monitor volume so much that it would often disturb the rest of the band.

Ken McCaw, himself an accomplished bass player, composer, and producer, founded the company, which now uses the same basic technology to enhance the experience of people all over the world, in movie theaters, specialty presentation formats, and even in home kits. The company’s proprietary low-frequency audio transducers are installed in seating, allowing the viewer to experience the vibrations of sounds and events.

The company’s system has grown in popularity, and is now used by such major players as Disney, IMAX, and AMC, with installations as far away as China. Those who experience it seldom want to return to the old way. The company is also working with live event venues, and offers home viewers a way to experience television, games, and personal music like never before.

The home kit connects easily to a couch or chair, and adds a new dimension to every viewing experience. A key advantage is that there is less temptation to max out the speaker volume, causing problems with others or even injuring hearing.

All of these markets are huge, global, and growing, and the company is poised to take advantage of all the opportunities.

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The Guitammer Company (GTMM) Goes After Home Theater Market

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

The Guitammer Company, creators of low frequency audio transducers that can be installed in seating for movie theaters and a wide range of other presentation/entertainment venues, also enjoys a huge and growing target market in home theaters. It was the reason for the company’s recent hiring of Mark Barr as National Sales Manager for Home Theater. He has been given the responsibility for home theater sales throughout North America, with the emphasis on OEM, retail, and installer markets. His extensive familiarity with the furniture market, based on the operation of his own successful furniture operation, gives him the contacts and knowledge base to maximize home theater kit sales.

The company’s proprietary technology allows low frequency sounds to be transformed into physical vibrations in the user’s chair, adding a new dimension to sight and sound and enhancing the overall user experience. Their system is now installed in major entertainment sites all over the world, including locations for Disney, IMAX, and AMC, as well as many museums. But their home kit system now allows home users to enjoy the Guitammer experience in their own home theater.

The home theater system can be used for movies or live viewed events, and can also be used to enhance gaming. The kit connects easily to a couch or chair, and sends the tactile feeling of special effects, rocket launches, racing engines, music, and much more right through it and the viewers. The system is already used in thousands of home theaters around the world, but the market is still rich with potential. Growth in the sale of home theater gear and accessories has exploded in the last few years, as prices for projection equipment has dropped. The high cost of going to the movies, and the availability of popular flicks soon after they’ve hit the theaters, has helped fuel home theater growth. Home theater related systems sales are now expected to approach $3 billion this year.

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The Guitammer Company Inc. (GTMM) Goes Supersonic at Brooklands Museum

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

The Guitammer Company, a leader in low frequency sound and creator of the award-winning line of ButtKicker®-brand low frequency audio transducers that provide an immersive entertainment experience, today announced the installation of its ButtKicker Advance tactile transducers into the original passenger seating at the Concorde Experience at Brooklands Museum, the birthplace of British motorsport and aviation, to create a realistic and unique dimension to each visitor’s virtual flight.

Gordon Roxburgh, head of the Concorde Experience team at Brooklands, commented, “We wanted to emulate the physical sensations normally experienced within the aircraft for the duration of the flight so that our visitors had an added sense of realism. The ButtKicker Advance units translate this feeling perfectly and bring the whole flight experience to life.”

The Brooklands Museum’s Concorde Experience allows visitors to have a first-hand opportunity to experience over a half an hour of virtual flight travel complete with visual, physical, and audio stimulation. Now that Guitammer’s transducers are also installed in the British Airways Concorde simulator, the flight experience offers a realistic, tactile effect to the pilot seats in the full-size static simulator.

The iconic Concorde aircraft has been a feature at Brooklands since it was officially opened by HRH Prince Michael of Kent in 2006 after a two-year restoration project. More information about the Concorde experience can be found at

To learn more about Guitammer, visit

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Guitammer Company (GTMM) Partners with Warner Bros., Legendary Pictures to Enhance Summer Release of Pacific Rim

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

The Guitammer Company, a provider of low frequency sound and creator of the award-winning line of ButtKicker®-brand low frequency audio transducers, has formed a promotional partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures for this summer’s release, “Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures Pacific Rim.”

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to work closely with the teams at Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures on the Pacific Rim release,” Mark Luden, president of Guitammer stated in the press release. “By partnering with them, we expect to be able to reach millions of movie fans, and to communicate the ButtKicker product experience ‘feel what you’ve been missing.’”

The ButtKicker-brand low frequency audio transducers are designed to enhance cinematic experience by letting viewer feel the movie’s low-frequency sound (bass).

ButtKicker and Warner Bros. have teamed up three times in the past, for the movies “Sherlock Holmes,” “Clash of the Titans,” and “Sucker Punch,” to reach a target demographic of moviegoers between the ages of 18 –35 and 25 – 54.

Guitammer also announced that from June 14 to July 31, the company will launch an integrated online marketing campaign as well as a “SURFACE LIKE A KAIJU OR STRIKE LIKE A JAEGER” contest valued at approximately $4,500. Fans should visit or to enter to win.

For more information visit and

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The Guitammer Company, Inc. (GTMM) Reports Q1 2013 Financial Results and Highlights

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

The Guitammer Company, a leader in low frequency sound and creator of the award-winning line of ButtKicker®-brand low frequency audio transducers that provide an immersive entertainment experience for audiences, just announced its results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2013.

The company featured the following financial highlights and recent developments:

• Net loss decreased by 6% for the three months ended March 31, 2013 compared to the three months ended March 31, 2012.
• Total current assets increased 5.9%, or $51,034, to approximately $912,000, as of March 31, 2013 compared to March 31, 2012, attributed primarily to the increase in cash which resulted from the sale of the Company’s stock and warrants in March 2013.
• Net increase in cash and cash equivalents of $123,001, as of March 31, 2013 compared to March 31, 2012, primarily consisting of net cash provided by financing activities of $230,217 partially offset by net cash used in operating activities of $107,216.
• For the three months ended March 31, 2013, revenue totaled $525,427 compared to revenue of $729,137 for the same period a year earlier.
• $250,000 of equity investment received from a new Private Placement investor in the first quarter. An additional $515,000 from previous Private Placement investors received subsequent to the quarter end.
• Expanded footprint in China with the installation of eighth ButtKicker “4D” theater system for Lumière Pavilions in Beijing.
• Entered into a Joint Marketing Agreement with Digital Cinema Destinations Corp. All 300+ stadium seats in one of the largest 3D auditoriums at their Solon Cinema 16 location will be ButtKicker enabled as the initial installation.
• Joined D-Tools Manufacturer Vantage Point (MVP) Program.
• Partnered with Warner Brothers for this Summer’s Release of “Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures Pacific Rim” by Oscar® nominee director Guillermo del Toro.
• Widened live in-arena game testing of the ButtKicker Live! broadcast technology with major sports league to include two potential broadcast partners.
• Began in-depth discussions with additional potential sports league for ButtKicker Live!
• Joined Nationwide, the largest buying and marketing organization in North America, with more than 3,500 members operating more than 10,000 store fronts.
• ButtKicker products were a Nationwide “Featured SOLUTION” at their Primetime! Buying Show in Las Vegas.
• Hired industry veteran National Sales Manager to lead domestic home theater sales initiatives.

Mark Luden, President of Guitammer, stated, “We started off 2013 by significantly raising the visibility of our ButtKicker® technology by strategically partnering with established market leaders. This not only raised immediate brand awareness for our products within the entertainment industry, but also positions us for growth moving forward. In addition, we welcomed our new National Sales Manager, Home Theater, to oversee home theater sales of ButtKicker brand products and generate an increase in domestic sales volumes.”

“Furthermore, we increased our footprint of both international and domestic movie theaters, a trend we expect to continue,” added Luden. “We expect to launch direct to consumer sales with one or more of our theater operators by the end of Q3 to help position us for Q4 consumer holiday sales.

“Importantly, we continued to progress with our live in-game testing of the ButtKicker Live! broadcast technology and expanded our efforts to include an additional sports partner to help us begin commercializing this technology, potentially this year.”

Addressing the decrease in Q1 revenues, Luden stated, “The decrease in revenues is primarily attributed to the following factors: the first quarter of 2012 had a sizeable stocking order from an OEM customer and the first quarter of 2013 did not have a stocking order of that magnitude; the first quarter of 2012 had more backorders that had to be fulfilled than the first quarter of 2013; and the economic slowdown in Europe caused certain restocking orders from established distributors to be delayed. However, our net loss decreased by 6%, and our EBITDA loss decreased by approximately $13,845 in the first quarter of 2013, compared to the first quarter of 2012. We do expect to see domestic sales volumes increase throughout the remainder of 2013.”

Richard Conn, Chief Financial Officer of Guitammer, provided the following guidance for the rest of this year: “We believe that our operations, exclusive of any research and development costs, can become operationally cash flow positive on an ongoing basis for our core products business by the end of the fourth quarter of 2013 as we continue securing additional capital,” stated. “With this additional financing, we anticipate the purchase of adequate inventory to meet existing sales demand and to be able to increase sales through increased sales and marketing activities as previously described.”

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The Guitammer Company Inc. (GTMM) Teams Up with Digital Cinema Destinations Corp. (DCIN) to Expand ButtKicker Presence

Monday, May 13th, 2013

The Guitammer Company, a leader in low frequency sound products that provide an immersive entertainment experience for audiences worldwide, announced this morning that it had entered into a Joint Marketing Agreement with Digital Cinema Destinations Corp. (“Digiplex”).

According to the signed agreement, Guitammer’s ButtKicker brand low frequency transducers will be installed in Digiplex’s Solon Cinema 16 in Solon, Ohio, enabling the patented “4D” Buttkicker experience for all of the 300+ stadium seats in one of the cinema complex’s largest 3D auditoriums. Because the ButtKicker system can be integrated with nearly all types of cinema seating, it was easily added to Digiplex’s upgrade plan for this recently acquired complex. Also, because ButtKicker’s products accurately reproduce the effect of each movie’s existing “.1″ and bass sound track, with no special processing or coding requirements, they can be used with all types of movies that will run in the auditorium. The ButtKicker Gamer and the Wireless ButtKicker Kit will be the featured products initially offered to Digiplex’s customers. Installation is slated for late summer 2013.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled that our initial test location for this new joint marketing program is with Digiplex, Bud and his management team,” said Mark A. Luden, Guitammer’s President. “Their expertise as theater operators and marketers, combined with their unique value proposition to stream alternative content, gives us an opportunity to partner with a company that knows how to connect with its audience and remain on the cutting edge. We anticipate increased sales of our consumer products as a result of this strategic agreement with Digiplex.”

“Guitammer hopes to roll out this type of partnership model with the Lumière theater chain throughout China in the near future as well, as per our previous press releases,” concluded Luden.

For more information on Guitammer, visit

For more information on Digiplex, visit

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The Guitammer Company (GTMM) Featured in Seeking Alpha Article

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

A recent article published by Seeking Alpha, titled “Invest In The Stock, Don’t Collect The Memorabilia,” featured The Guitammer Company alongside mega-caps like Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS), Nike (NYSE: NKE), Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO), eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY), and Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN).

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Jonathan Yates, author of the article, explained why it is better to invest in the companies creating and facilitating the trade of memorabilia than collectibles themselves. A ready buyer with a stated price is just one of many reasons to buy shares instead of product; there are entire sections on Amazon and eBay dedicated to vintage products with very little buying activity.

The Guitammer Company was recommended as the best pure play to profit from the collectible sector. The company’s award-winning Buttkicker line is highly valued by the entertainment and home theater industries. In fact, over 100 of the world’s best brands use Buttkicker and an increasing number of consumers are becoming aware that they can also enjoy the “4D” experience at home with their very own Buttkicker system.

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The Guitammer Company (GTMM) Partner Expands Business Relationship, Wins Prestigious “ET NOW Leaders of Tomorrow Awards 2012″

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

The Guitammer Company, a leader in low frequency sound and creator of the award-winning line of ButtKicker®-brand low frequency audio transducers, was happy to announce today that its Indian partner, Recliners India Pvt. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of home theater seating solutions in India, won the “ET NOW Leaders of Tomorrow Awards 2012 in the Home Décor & Handicrafts Category.”

“It gives me great pleasure to see our partner and friend, Mr. Neeraj Bansal, Founder and CEO of Recliners India, receive this prestigious award,” Mark A. Luden, President of Guitammer, stated. “Their growth and market leadership in the motion furniture and cinema industry is a testament to the skill and commitment of Akhil, R.K. and Neeraj Bansal, and I congratulate them all.”

“I’ve known Neeraj since 2006 when Recliners India was a distributor of Berkline’s home theater seating products,” continued Mr. Luden. “Since Berkline’s unfortunate demise, Recliners India has been purchasing the ‘ButtKicker Individual Seat Control System’ directly from us for use in their award-winning furniture. We look forward to doing more and more business with Recliners India for many years to come.”

Mr. Bansal commented, “We have always found Guitammer’s ButtKicker brand products to be of the highest quality and the company’s customer service is unparalleled in the industry. Additionally, as an American technology company, Guitammer is well received by the Indian commercial and consumer markets. Our team has used ButtKicker products in hundreds of home theater seats and always recommends them as a must-have addition to any home theater.

“Recliners India is a leading supplier of Gold Class / VIP home theater seating for many of Bollywood’s cinemas, and this year we intend to work with one or more chains to incorporate the ButtKicker ‘4D’ experience into their seats,” Mr. Bansal added.

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The Guitammer Company (GTMM) Recaps Strong Progress Across the Board, Outlines 2013 Focus on Continued Growth

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Mark A. Luden, CEO of The Guitammer Company, a leader in low frequency sound and creator of the award-winning line of ButtKicker®-brand low frequency audio transducers, today issued a shareholder letter to review the company’s 2012 and selected 2013 achievements as well as comment on the outlook and focus for the rest of this year.

2012 Full Year Financial Highlights and Selected 2013 Information:

• Revenues rose 64 percent year-over-year to approximately $2.13 million; gross margin was 40 percent.
• Approximately $1.7 million was raised in private placements in FY2012 and an additional $250k was raised in Q1 FY2013.
• Nearly $1.5 million in debt extinguishment over the past 13 months; interest expense decreased 40 percent, or approximately $187,000, for FY2012 compared to FY2011.
• Total debt decreased by approximately $689,000, or 28 percent, to approximately $1.78 million as compared to FY2011.
• Modified the State of Ohio loan which has the net effect to reduce Guitammer’s monthly payment by approximately $16.5k per month for 2013 and by $14.6k per month for 2014 from the previous schedule. Equates to an annual cash flow enhancement of approx $200k this year and $175k in 2014.
• Inventory increased to approximately $629,000 at December 31, 2012, compared to approximately $56,000 at December 31, 2011, reflecting the equity raised and improving operating results.
• Total current assets increased over 380 percent, or more than $681,000, to approximately $861,000, reflecting the effects of the debt extinguishment and equity raised.
• The working capital deficit was more than halved (a 52 percent reduction) to approximately $1.6 million at the end of FY2012, down from approximately $3.3 million year end 2011.

Key Movie Theater Wins:

• Continued an expanding relationship with China-based Sichuan Lumière Cinema Co. Ltd. (Lumière Pavilions) by adding ButtKicker “4D” experience seats and securing a recent agreement for an additional theater. Including an aggregate of previously completed projects and this new installation, Lumière Pavilions has increased its total of installed ButtKicker “4D” experience seats to approximately 1,380 and intends to add additional seats in at least one auditorium at all new Lumière cinemas.
• Reinstallation of the ButtKicker “4D” cinema system for all 504 seats in the Kansas City Mainstreet Theatre, now operated by Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

Core Business Strengthening:

• Hired industry veteran National Sales Manager on March 1, 2013.
• Joined Nationwide, largest buying and marketing group with over 3,500 members operating more than 10,000 store fronts and $14 billion in combined annual sales and presented at the March 3rd – 6th Primetime Show in Las Vegas.
• Joined the D-Tools Manufacturer Vantage Point (MVP) program that provides over 4,400 system integrators with the most up-to-date product information.

ButtKicker Live! Broadcast Technology Progress:

• Formation of the ButtKicker Live! “Technical Advisory Group” to facilitate the broadcast testing and rollout of ButtKicker Live!.
• Successful stage one, “Proof of concept” in-arena testing of the patented ButtKicker Live! broadcast technology with a major sports league during both the regular season and playoffs.
• Successful in-suite testing of ButtKicker Live! for patrons inside a glass-enclosed luxury box during a live major motorsports race.

“Our primary aim is to continue to grow our core business sales, focusing on the home theater market in the US, movie theater chains in the US, expansion of our footprint with Lumière in China, establishing a consumer / retail sales presence in China and continuing our commercialization of ButtKicker Live! with one or more broadcast tests and possibly initial rollouts,” Mr. Luden stated.

Specific 2013 Outlook and Focus

US Core Business Growth:

• Continued growth of core business sales in the US markets: online and home theater focused.

Movie Theater Expansion / Joint Marketing Programs:

• Growth of US movie theater footprint with joint marketing programs selling ButtKicker brand consumer product to movie theater goers in partnership with movie theater chains.
• Continued expansion of China movie theater footprint with Lumière and rollout of joint marketing program with Lumière to Chinese consumers.
• Opportunistic expansion of the same joint marketing model with movie theater chains worldwide based on existing partnerships and relationships.

Chinese Market Expansion:

• Establishment of formalized sales presence in China for consumer, theater and custom installation sales to the Chinese market.

ButtKicker Live! Tactile Broadcasting Rollout and Adoption:

• Broadcast test(s) and rollout with one or more distribution, broadcast and content partners.
• Achievement of ButtKicker Live! revenue.

“Staying focused on these objectives and continuing to hit these milestones will enable us to create sustainable value for our shareholders, partners, employees and vendors,” Mr. Luden concluded. “I believe we have the right products, right focus, right business model and, most importantly, right timing.”

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The Guitammer Company (GTMM) Grows with an Idea Whose Time has Come

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Companies that are pioneers, breaking new ground, perhaps even defining new industries, are almost always based less on a desire for money than a passion for a particular field. The Guitammer Company is an example. The company was founded by Ken McCaw, an accomplished bass player, composer, and producer, now on the Board of Directors. His personal passion for making music led him to tackle a common frustration experienced by bass players and drummers. He wanted to actually feel the low end frequencies without having to increase stage monitor volume so loud that it disturbed the rest of the band.

He turned to sound and equipment expert Marvin Clamme, a former sound engineer for Tom Jones, Merle Haggard, the Beach Boys, and others. Together they were able to develop magnetically suspended audio transducers, now marketed under the ButtKicker® brand, that were able to successfully transform low-frequency sounds into physical vibrations, essentially sounds that could be felt rather than heard. They eventually obtained a patent for the technology and began introducing the world to this new perceptual dimension.

It wasn’t long before the technology began to catch on, and today it is used for tactile chair vibrations by some of the biggest entertainment companies in the world to enhance the consumer experience at movies, live performances, and other entertainment settings, including Disney, IMAX, and AMC. With over 10,000 seats and 86 different locations in 11 countries now enabled, it appears to be an idea whose time has come.

One of the markets where Guitammer is growing most rapidly is China, a nation where cinema sales are growing at 6% per year, and where approximately 10 new screens go up every day. China now exceeds Japan in cinema sales. It’s also where Guitammer recently announced that it has landed its eighth theater installation, with Sichuan Lumière Cinema Co. Ltd. (Lumière Pavilions) of Beijing. Lumiere Pavilions is known for developing high-end cinemas in China.

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The Guitammer Company (GTMM) Offers the Latest Consumer Revolution

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Whether watching a football game or a movie, listening to a concert or playing a video game, there’s always a common thread. The viewer/listener wants to be captured by the experience, becoming part of the event to the maximum degree possible. Audio/visual technology has evolved to help meet that goal, with every major new development expanding the market and providing new investment growth opportunities. The Guitammer Company now represents the latest such opportunity.

Guitammer is a leader in low-frequency sound products, and has created what is being called a new dimension in spectator experience. The company offers one-of-a-kind patented transducers that convert low frequency sounds into tactile vibrations. The result is an unparalleled sense of being a part of the action, with rave reviews from people around the world. The technology has wide application, from professional musicians who need to feel the music, to theater and concert goers who want that same feeling, to sports enthusiasts and home viewers who can now have the sense of “being there” without even leaving their homes.

Today the company has outfitted theater seating all over the world, and the technology is being used by IMAX, AMC, and Disney to give their offerings a major competitive edge. Because the transducers are rugged and cost effective to install, they represent a compelling market differentiator, plus can be readily set up and enjoyed by individual home users. Much like the use of color, stereo sound, and 3D, it represents a consumer revolution, and continues to spread from the U.S. to countries like China, Russia, and other parts of the world. As an example, over 10,000 theater seats have already been converted, with more happening all the time.

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The Guitammer Company, Inc. (GTMM) Continues Growth in China

Monday, April 8th, 2013

The Guitammer Company, inventors of patented transducers that convert sounds into tactile chair vibrations to enhance the consumer experience at movies and performances, now has their products used around the world by such entertainment and theater companies as AMC, IMAX, and Disney, covering more than 10,000 seats in the U.S., China, and other countries. This worldwide orientation is key to the company’s future due to the rapid increase of cinema sales in growing countries like China.

A recent Bloomberg article announced that China now exceeds Japan in cinema sales, behind only the U.S. and Canadian markets. China represents a multi-billion opportunity for cinema, with an annual growth rate of 6%. Christopher Dodd, former senator and now head of the Washington-based Motion Picture Association of America, is quoted in the Bloomberg article as saying that China builds 10 screens a day, and that policy changes in China have increased the number of foreign films that can be released in the country. The number of cinema screens increased worldwide by 5%, led by Asia.

Guitammer recently announced that it has secured its eighth theater installation in China with Sichuan Lumière Cinema Co. Ltd. (Lumière Pavilions) of Beijing, China. Lumière Pavilions is a cinema investment company specializing in the construction and operation of high-end cinemas in China. The order is the result of positive feedback on the Guitammer system from patrons, and will add the company’s system to all 330 seats in one auditorium of Lumière’s existing 11 auditorium theater complex. This will bring the total number of installations to approximately 1,380 seats in 8 different locations, with more projects already in the works.

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The Guitammer Company, Inc. (GTMM) Launches Music into a New Dimension

Monday, April 1st, 2013

When it comes to music, nobody takes things more seriously than professional musicians, the people whose livelihood depends upon getting it right. They’re passion for the music experience is what drives them, and, of course, it’s also what drives their fans. So when you have a creative new product designed to add a new dimension to that experience, and it has already been picked up by 100 of the world’s top bands and performers, names like the Rolling Stones and Shania Twain and Usher, you know you’ve hit a chord.

Such is the case with the ButtKicker Concert, Guitammer’s patented 2-ohm audio transducer that turns low-frequency sounds into tactile chair vibrations, raising the music experience bar for both performers and listeners. The technology behind ButtKicker Concert has spread rapidly, and is now being used by companies like IMAX, Disney, and AMC to enhance the entertainment experience of customers all over the world. For musicians, it means that the low-end response for their stage, studio, or rehearsal room monitoring can now be powerful and incredibly tight, with every beat actually felt as well as heard. It’s musically accurate, with powerful frequency response of approximately 5Hz to 200Hz, yet is essentially indestructible, requiring no maintenance. Drummers, bass players, keyboardists, and even DJs, say that the system allows them to perform better than ever before.

Realizing they were on to something hot, the company has also hit the home listener market. The Wireless ButtKicker Kit lets the listener feel the music just like they were at a live performance, without having to increase the volume to problematic or even dangerous levels. It’s experiencing recorded music as never before, making even a basic speaker system seem like state-of-the-art audio.

Click to hear professional drummer Carlton Smith talk about his experience with ButtKicker products.

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The Guitammer Company, Inc. (GTMM) Becomes Member of D-Tools Manufacturer Vantage Point Program

Monday, March 25th, 2013

D-Tools, the worldwide leader in system integration software, today announced that The Guitammer Company has joined its Manufacturer Vantage Point (MVP) program. Well known for the immersive entertainment experience provided by its award-winning line of ButtKicker®-brand low frequency audio transducers, The Guitammer Company is a leader in low frequency sound products and technology.

“D-Tools software offers integrators the best design and project management solution on the market so joining the MVP Program made perfect sense to us,” stated Mark Luden for The Guitammer Company. “Because D-Tools is a data-driven application, software users can now integrate ButtKicker brand products directly into their clients’ systems so they can feel powerful bass without excessive volume. We think D-Tools users will find our products to be not only innovative but add significant value to their installations, and we look forward to joining this network of manufacturers and integrators.”

The D-Tools Manufacturer Vantage Point (MVP) program helps provide system integrators with the most up-to-date product information to more than 4,400 companies using D-Tools System Integrator software. Dedicated to helping companies streamline the design process, D-Tools MVP members make it easier for system integrators and installers to provide accurate proposals to their clients.

“We are pleased to welcome The Guitammer Company as our newest Partner,” said Adam Stone, President of D-Tools. “The family of ButtKicker products offers end-users a whole new audio experience that engages senses other than just hearing, which heightens the overall experience. We designed the MVP Program to introduce new technology to our user-base and Guitammer does exactly that with ButtKicker!”

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The Guitammer Company, Inc. (GTMM) Reports Private Securities Sale to Investor

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

The Guitammer Company, an Ohio based company that develops and markets “4D” systems that translate low frequency sounds into tactile vibrations to enhance public or in-home entertainment experiences, recently listed an unregistered sale of equity securities, for a total consideration of $250,000. In a private transaction, the company sold 1,000,000 units for $0.25 per unit, with each unit consisting of one share of the company’s common stock plus a two year warrant to purchase one share of common stock for $.36 per share.

The company claims an exemption from registration afforded by Section 4(2) of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, since the sale did not involve a public offering, and the buyer took the shares for investment and not resale. The company took appropriate measures to restrict transfer of such shares and warrants.

The sale follows the growing company’s recent reporting of a 64% jump in annual revenues, together with a higher gross profit and stronger balance sheet. Revenues for the year ended December 31, 2012, were $2.13 million, with a gross margin of 40%. Nearly $1.5 million in debt has also been removed. In addition, roughly $1.7 million was raised in private placements during the year.

The company’s low frequency audio transducers are used around the world by leading entertainment and theater companies such as AMC, IMAX, and Disney, in movie theaters and attractions, as well as by world-famous musicians, in home theaters, for car audio, and for simulators, and the private placement funds will help support Guitammer’s aggressive growth strategy. The President of the company, Mark Luden, is on record as stating that he believes they are positioned for a “breakout year in 2013.”

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Leading Chinese Luxury Cinema Operator to Upgrade 330 Additional Seats with The Guitammer Company, Inc. (GTMM) Experience

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

The Guitammer Company, a leader in low frequency sound products and technology, today reported that it has secured its eighth theater installation with Sichuan Lumière Cinema Co. Ltd. (Lumière Pavilions) of Beijing, China.

A retro-fit upgrade, this installation will add the ButtKicker “4D” system to all 330 seats in one auditorium of Lumière’s existing eleven auditorium theater complex in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Once the installation is completed, the total number of Lumière Pavilions seats that feature Guitammer’s ButtKicker immersive technology will increase to nearly 1,400 seats in eight different locations. Today’s press release hinted that additional installations are expected.

Unlike other offerings that require the costly installation of new seats, Guitammer’s solution can be added to almost any existing theater seating. Combined with the tremendous results achieved after previous installations, this “retro-fit” differentiator was one of the key reasons Lumière decided to upgrade this existing auditorium.

“After hearing of the many positive responses Lumière received from its patrons who experienced our ButtKicker ‘4D’ theater, it is no surprise that the imprint of our exciting technology continues to grow in China,” Mark Luden, President of Guitammer, stated. “I expect our international footprint will continue to expand as cinemas around the globe seek out and invest in new technologies that provide a differentiated and enhanced user experience.”

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Guitammer’s “4D” technology enables audiences to experience first-hand the excitement, impacts, and special effects for an immersive entertainment experience. More than 10,000 seats at over 86 different entertainment locations in 11 countries are now ButtKicker-enabled, including movie theaters in the U.S., Russia, South Korea, and China.

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