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Small Cap Voice Featured Client: uKarma Corporation (UKMA.OB)

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

uKarma Corporation (UKMA.OB) is a lifestyle multimedia and consumer products and services company focused on health, wellness and personal development in a $220 billion growing market. The company creates DVDs, CDs, books and other proprietary products and services with the intention of engaging customers to reduce stress, lose weight, build fitness, improve nutrition, and enhance personal relationships. uKarma is focused on providing ways for people to achieve wellness in different aspects of their lives.

uKarma Corporation’s key product is the Xflowsion™ DVD series. Xflowsion™ is a triple-trainer using martial arts, power yoga, and dance to provide a convenient, efficient and fun workout. The series is shot in high definition, has 5.1-surround sound, and provides a live band to work out with. uKarma uses Northern Response International, Ltd. to provide international sales of the Xflowsion™ DVD series. XFlowsion should be distributed in around 90 countries and the company expects sales to increase dramatically.

uKarma has plans to launch new products such as a diet book called the Karma Diet and an audio series called Dreams Realized. The company also plans to extend the Karma Diet brand into food delivery service, nutritional supplements, and other diet products. The xFlowsion™ DVD series has received coverage in magazine publications such as Shape, Self, US Weekly, In Touch, and In Style.

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