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RedChip Featured Company: Vidshadow, Inc. (VSHD.PK)

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Vidshadow, Inc. is one of the fastest-growing video distribution networks on the Internet. The company provides solutions for advertisers, content providers, and affiliate web sites, along with advanced streaming video technology for consumers and corporations.

Vidshadow has an extensive library of professionally-produced media, allowing its users to locate the right video for their advertising campaigns. The company continues to build a network that groups advertising and content found on Internet sites. The media content is then organized into vertical categories and areas of interest to provide advertisers with targeted marketing opportunities. What’s interesting is that no bandwidth charges, content licensing fees, or subscriptions are required for users to access the media library.

The company has three areas of business. First is the content aggregation and distribution of licensed and professionally produced video into categories and audience specific groupings. Second is the advertising sales effort, where the company delivers in-stream video advertising to a group of qualified publisher and network affiliates. Third is the online video platform it provides for third-party websites. Through the distribution of its affiliate video player and its online platform, the company is able to combine its media library with dynamic advertising to increase viewership, loyalty, and monetization.

Vidshadow generates revenue through its relationship with advertisers. The company is able to provide small and large advertisers with versatile and varied targeting options for its campaigns. Vidshadow provides a variety of placement options, including category exclusivity, programming-centric scheduling, demographically targeted reach, site-specific placement, and customer geo-targeting. The company is conscientious about matching advertisers with the most appropriate ad placement scheme.

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