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Visualant, Inc. (VSUL.OB) Signs LOI to Acquire TransTech Systems, Inc.

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Visualant announced today that it has entered into a Letter of Intent to acquire TransTech Systems, Inc. of Wilsonville, OR. TransTech Systems is a leading provider of identification, security and authentication products and services. With more than $10 million in annual revenues, TransTech can provide an established market presence to rapidly deploy Visualant’s enhanced security and authentication solutions.

Ron Erickson, Visualant Chairman, commented, “We are thrilled to be joining forces with Jim and the TransTech team. They have a great reputation for leadership in the provision of client-oriented security and authentication solutions and provide a solid base for distribution of our technology.”

TransTech Systems Founder and President, Jim Gingo, added, “In my opinion, Visualant’s technology has the potential to transform the access control, identification security and authentication industry. The prospect of working together to bring world class solutions to our customers and to fill a significant void in the marketplace is an exciting opportunity and should have significant appeal to our existing dealer base and end-user customers.”

As terms of the Letter of Intent, Visulant would acquire privately held TransTech through a combination of cash and stock. The closing is expected to transpire before the end of June 2009.

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Visualant, Inc. (VSUL.OB) Recent Licensing Agreement with RatLab LLC

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Earlier this month, Visualant announced that it executed its first commercial licensing agreement with RatLab LLC of Seattle, WA. The fields of use include medical diagnostic, agricultural, environmental applications and germology.

Dr. Tom Furness, RatLab LLC founder and manager said, “Our first focus will be medical diagnostics. The Visualant technology provides a means for non-invasive diagnostics of the human condition. We believe color, at the photon level, is nature’s ultimate identifier.”

The news is significant as it shows the company’s technology can be used for much more than just homeland security, anti-counterfeiting, forgery/fraud prevention, and brand protection. We will be keeping close watch as Visualant identifies other ways to capitalize upon extensive business opportunities with its unique technology.

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Visualant Inc. (VSUL.OB) Backed by a Solid Team of Seasoned Professionals

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Chairman of the Board Ronald Erickson has over 25 years of experience in the high technology, telecommunications and micro-computer industries. In addition to his service to Visualant, he is the current Chair, and former CEO of eCharge, an electronic payment systems developer, where he played a key role in raising approximately US$100 million in equity capital from major international investors. Mr. Erickson was also co-founder, Chairman, President and CEO of GlobalTel Resources, Inc., a provider of telecommunications services, messaging and intranet solutions, and has held executive positions at Egghead Software Inc, NBI Inc, and MicroRim, Inc.

President and CEO Bradley E. Sparks brings more than three decades of expertise in the high-tech and related industries. He has experience guiding high-tech startup companies through IPO’s and has served in senior financial positions for major public companies. Previous to Visualant, Mr. Sparks was the CFO of WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. which was recently acquired by a private equity group. Prior to that position, he served as CFO for several telecommunications and high-tech companies, including Omnipoint Corp., Digex, Inc., eSpire Communications, and WAM!NET.

Serving on the Board of Directors, Dr. Masahiro Kawahata, Ph.D. is the former Director of the Fujitsu Research Institute. He is known in Japan as “the father of multimedia” for his work as National Program Director in developing the nationwide fiber optic network. The U.S. Government has officially acknowledged him as “Non-U.S. Scientist of Extraordinary Ability”. Dr. Kawahata previously served as a Director of numerous technology companies, and has received several prestigious awards in the U.S. and Japan.

Jon Pepper, also serving on the Board of Directors, is the co-founder of Pepcom, a company focused on producing press-only technology showcase events around the country. He also started the DigitalFocus newsletter, a ground-breaking newsletter on digital imaging that went to leading influencers worldwide. Pepper was formerly a well-regarded journalist and columnist with his work on technology subjects appearing in The New York Times, Fortune, PC Magazine, Men’s Journal, Working Woman, PC Week, Popular Science and many other well known publications.

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Keep Visualant Inc. (VSUL.OB) on Watch!

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Visualant, Inc. is dedicated to capitalizing on the extensive business opportunities in national security, document forgery/fraud, brand protection, label fraud and product tampering. Each of these segments has security vulnerabilities that cost businesses billions of dollars each year. The modern world demands solutions that will increase the safety and security of our country, its citizens, and the world.

Fraud, forgery, and counterfeiting have become big business. Detecting fraud is difficult, making it easy for counterfeiters and terrorists to take advantage of antifraud systems’ serious limitations. Fraud and legitimate behavior continually change, so protection systems that cannot evolve easily quickly become outdated.

Visualant’s novel technology can be used for a range of critical applications, including national security, forgery/fraud prevention, brand protection, and product-tampering protection. While some of the same functions can be performed with other existing technologies (such as facial, retinal, and fingerprint scans; or placement of barcodes and holograms), none offer all the attributes provided by Visualant.

Counterfeiting, fraud and forgery is threatening the vitality of industries worldwide and has grown dramatically in scope, scale and complexity in the last two decades. Because false identification and counterfeit products can cause great damage, lost revenues, and jeopardize the safety of every human on the planet, vast opportunity exists for Visualant’s next generation security solution.

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Visualant Inc. (VSUL.OB) is “One to Watch”

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Visualant Inc.’s focus is to capitalize on the business opportunities in national security, document forgery/fraud, brand protection, label fraud, and product tampering. They develop low-cost, high speed, light-based security and quality control solutions. Visualant Inc. has their corporate headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 1998, they are part of the Business Services industry.

The Company’s patent-pending technology uses controlled illumination with specific bands of light. It measures and records what is viewable, and manages data gathered. This enables devices to establish a unique spectral signature for both individual and classes of items. When matched against existing databases, the spectral signatures allow precise identification and authentication of any item or substance.

Visualant’s color technology provides multi-dimensional spectral-based pattern file creation and matching. One can create color pattern files from any digital photograph or scan. There is no need to reprint, recreate, recall, or modify existing digital source documents. Pattern files matched against existing databases detect identity crime, forgery, counterfeiting, and other frauds. The technology uses full spectrum color patterns. They are more accurate than black and white systems.

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