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Wave Systems Corp. (WAVX) Garners Prestigious GSN Award at Gala, Recognized for Homeland Security Efforts

Monday, December 10th, 2012

At a gala dinner that was filled with hundreds of government officials and industry executives, Government Security News (GSN) announced Wave Systems among those awarded in its 4th Annual Homeland Security Awards Competition.

Wave Systems was named in the category of “Best Data Security/Loss Management Solution” for its Safend Data Protection Suite (DPS). Safend DPS protects organizations from data leakage and theft and provides complete protection of sensitive data-in-use, data-at-rest, and data-in-motion. The product does not sacrifice productivity, and with a single software product, provides granular port and device control, transparent hard disk encryption, comprehensive removable media encryption, and accurate content control.

Jacob Goodwin, Editor-in-Chief of GSN, stated that the winners were selected by a panel of objective judges. “We received an outstanding group of entries and have handed winners’ plaques to an exceptional group of companies and government agencies,” he said.

“A substantial amount of corporate data lives on vulnerable devices. Wave Systems’ Safend Data Protection Suite helps to protect each individual endpoint, which is critical in this increasingly mobile workforce,” stated Steven Sprague, CEO of Wave Systems. “We help government organizations secure data from a full range of ever-evolving modern risks and we’re thrilled to be recognized with such a prestigious honor from GSN.”

The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (DMH) successfully used Safend DPS to manage the organization’s thousands of endpoints. DMH serves about a quarter of a million residents across 130 sites in LA County, and must adhere to strict regulations that ensure the confidentiality of patient data.

“We chose Safend because it’s an easy-to-use product that guarantees connectivity and productivity coupled with topnotch security and performance,” commented Robert Pittman, Chief Information Security Officer for the County of Los Angeles, CA.

The complete list of winners can be found at

Wave Systems reduces the complexity, cost, and uncertainty of data protection by starting inside the device. Wave leverages the security capabilities built directly into endpoint computing platforms and has been an expert on this growing trend. It has also led the way with first-to-market solutions and helping shape standards through its work as a board member for the Trusted Computing Group.

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Wave Systems Corp. (WAVX) Subsidiary Teams with NBC Universal to Provide the Digital Seat for 2008 Olympic Games

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Wave Systems Corp.’s (Nasdaq: WAVX) majority-owned subsidiary, Wavexpress, provides broadband media technology and services. The company offers HD-quality video, games, music and software. The company today announced it has been selected to join NBC Universal Inc. for an opportunity that will provide the company with ultimate exposure to a wide customer base.

According to NBC Olympics, approximately 203 million viewers watched the 1,210 hours of 2004 Olympic coverage from Athens. According to the International Olympic Committee, more than 3.2 billion people worldwide watched the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Wavexpress’ agreement with NBC Universal will allow it to cater to those individuals unable to view the upcoming Olympic Games on television. Wavepress will develop, host and support the “NBC Olympics on the Go” for viewing NBC’s coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in Microsoft’s Windows Vista Media Center. As the name suggests, the service will allow Media Center users to view the upcoming Olympics on their laptops, free of charge.

“This service will provide a fantastic viewing experience for Olympic fans with Windows Vista Media Center,” Michael Sprague, president of Wavexpress state in the press release. “They can choose their favorite sports, from diving to water polo to gymnastics, and extended coverage is automatically synchronized to their PC in the middle of the night. With a laptop, they will get a high-quality video experience to view on the train, the plane, or in the college quad.”

NBC Universal will air an unprecedented 3,600 hours of coverage of the Olympic Games from August 8-24, 2008. Media Center users can choose the events they want to watch by signing up for channels designated for each event.

“As we prepare to broadcast the Beijing Olympic Games, we are committed to reaching as many viewers as possible,” Perkins Miller, senior vice president of digital media for NBC Sports and Olympics stated. “Our partnership with Wavexpress will enable us to reach viewers seeking high-quality in-depth coverage of the wide range of sports that make up the Olympics. The service will especially appeal to fast-paced fans who want to catch up on their favorite sports offline.”

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Dutton Associates Featured Company: Wave Systems Corp. (WAVX)

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Wave Systems Corp. (NASDAQ: WAVX) provides software to help solve critical enterprise PC security challenges, such as strong authentication, data protection, network access control and the management of enterprise functions. Originally incorporated in 1988 as Indata Corp., the company changed its name to Wave Systems Corp. in 1993 and maintains operations in Massachusetts, California, New Jersey, and Paris, France.

As a pioneer in hardware-based PC security, Wave Systems enables organizations to know who is connecting to their critical IT infrastructure, thus protecting corporate data and strengthening the boundaries of corporate networks. In addition, Wave Systems is one of the founding members of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), an association of more than 140 PC industry leaders that have forged open standards for hardware security.

The company’s EMBASSY® product line manages the security functions of the TCG’s industry-standard hardware security chip, the Trusted Platform Module (TPM). TPMs are included on tens of millions of PCs and are standard equipment on many of today’s enterprise-class PCs. In fact, Wave System’s EMBASSY® Trust Suite comes installed on every business-class laptop computer from Dell.

By utilizing TPMs and Wave System’s security software, enterprises can significantly and cost-effectively strengthen their current infrastructure protection solutions. For more information regarding Wave Systems Corp., visit

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Wave Systems Corp. (WAVX) Joins Prominent Industry Leaders with Permanent Seat on Board of TCG

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Wave Systems (Nasdaq: WAVX) provides software solutions for enterprise PC security challenges such as data protection, authentication, network access control and the management of each function. Today the company announced it has accepted an invitation to join a permanent seat on Trusted Computing Group’s board of directors.

Wave will join permanent members AMD, HP, IBM, Infineon, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, Sun and Seagate Technology on the board, and will upgrade its membership status to “Promoter.”

“On behalf of the Trusted Computing Group, I’m pleased to announce the addition of Wave Systems as a permanent member of the board and a valued “promoter” company,” Scott Rotondo, TCG’s president and chairman stated in the press release.”Wave has distinguished itself as an ardent and vocal advocate of trusted computing and has dutifully carried the torch in promoting standards-based security.”

As a permanent board member, Wave will assist in the guidance of TCG’s work groups as they create specifications to protect PCs against attacks, data loss and theft. Wave’s superior membership status will enable it to take a more integral and active role in the development, definition and promotion of security technologies.

Wave is now eligible to serve on and chair the TCG board of directors, work groups and special committees, and is able to submit revisions and addendum proposals for specifications with design guides; and may review and comment on design guides prior to their adoption.

Wave has served consecutive one-year terms on the TCG board since 2005. Its new membership status will allow it to serve on and chair TCG’s board of directors, work groups and special committees. It will also be able to submit revisions, comments and proposals for the design guides.

“It’s gratifying to see how far trusted computing has advanced in the five years since Wave signed on to be part of the TCG,” Berger stated. “In that time, well over 100 million PCs have shipped containing the security chips for which the TCG developed and defined specifications. Today, organizations across many vertical markets have deployed trusted computing for authentication, network security and data protection. We’re grateful to assume added responsibility in helping this organization bring forth open standards that impact every aspect of security today.”

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Wave Systems Corp (WAVX) Sells 3,173,500 of Class A Common Stock

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Wave Systems, a leading programmer of dependable computing solutions and services, has announced that it has agreed to sell 3,173,500 shares of its Class A common stock at the price of $1.10 per share, giving gross total amount derived of approximately $3.5 million. Five-year warrants will be given to private placement investors to purchase a collection of 952,050 shares of Wave’s Class A Common Stock for $1.15 per share. Approximately $3.3 million (net proceeds of the financing) will be used to fund Wave Systems ongoing operations.

CEO of Wave Systems, Steven Sprague said, “The need for hardware security solutions to protect the enterprise continues to grow. Wave provides enterprise software solutions to manage and utilize the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and Hardware Full disk Encryption. Our active development, sales, marketing and customer support activities during these early stages of the market require Wave to raise equity capital to fund these initiatives. We are pleased to have secured this funding and we appreciate the support of our investors.”

In connection with the offering, Security Research Associates acted as the placement agent. The offering (shares and shares underlying warrants) are being issued under a $25 million shelf registration statement. A prospectus supplement related to the public offering will be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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