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Small Cap Voice Featured Company: Who’s Your Daddy Inc. (WYDI.OB)

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Who’s Your Daddy Inc. engages in the development, production, marketing, and distribution of energy drinks. Trading on the OTCBB, the company has their corporate headquarters in Carlsbad, California. They market their Who’s Your Daddy “King of Energy™” flavored energy drinks. These drinks are available nationally in retail stores.

The King of Energy™ line contains a hit of caffeine and unique flavorings. The cans are of a vibrant design with the catchy Who’s Your Daddy phrase emblazoned on them. The company offers their product to their customers as a dietary supplement drink. Who’s Your Daddy Inc. designed the product to energize and improve mental performance. The purpose of taking the drink is to increase concentration, alertness, and physical endurance, along with being a thirst quencher.

Who’s Your Daddy Inc.’s King of Energy™ drinks sell in 16 ounce cans. They come in four flavors, which are Green Tea, Sugar Free Green Tea, Cranberry Pineapple, and Sugar Free Cranberry Pineapple. The Company also licenses their Who’s Your Daddy proprietary name for products. These include energy bars and concentrated energy shots.

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Who’s Your Daddy, inc. (WYDI.OB) is on Everyone’s Lips as Expansion Equals 300% Sales Increase

Monday, August 25th, 2008

The energy drink company Who’s your Daddy (OTCBB: WYDI) has new pep in its step with a reported $459,000 in sales in the third quarter, equaling a 349% increase over second quarter sales.

The company’s recent quarterly report showed a need to raise capital. However, at the same time Who’s Your Daddy has an aggressive plan to have a strong presence on military bases, as well as expand in Mexico and overseas in West Africa through third-party distributors and prepaid orders. Company CEO Mike Dunn said one objective is to have the company’s “King of Energy” drinks in about 20 military bases by year’s end.

“We believe our tasting program at the point of sale, which is a significant part of our new marketing strategy, will accelerate the adoption of the product by the consumer,” Dunn said.

One strategy goal for the Carlsbad, Calif. company is to produce cans commemorating each branch of the United States military, with a portion of sales going to Fisher House, a non-profit organization providing housing to families of injured soldiers requiring extended-away specialized care. The company will also donate to the Wounded Warriors Project, a non-profit organization helping severely injured service members.

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Who’s Your Daddy, Inc. (WYDI.OB) Starts Shipments to West Africa

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Who’s Your Daddy, a brand management company focused on the marketing, production and distribution of the Who’s Your Daddy® King of Energy™ line of beverages will start shipping their energy drink to West Africa. The company will initiate two shipments of its cranberry pineapple and green tea King of Energy™ drinks to Nigeria and Benin through T-Bone Beverages LLC, which opens up a new market with a population of more than 135 million.

T-Bone Beverages has been doing international trading of food products for over twenty years through several affiliated entities. The company has been entirely focused on international trade, which includes importing rice from Thailand and frozen fish and poultry from all over the world to West Africa. Additionally they have handled coffee, table grapes, and other bulk grains worldwide.

There are currently two orders; the first order is prepaid and will be shipped in the middle of July. A second purchase order has been received for a prepaid shipment for delivery in August. Both orders represent approximately $320,000 of potential revenues for the company. In addition, T-Bone has been given an incentive agreement that provides T-Bone with warrants to purchase common stock of Who’s Your Daddy over a period of two years.

Joseph Conte, executive vice president, stated, “We are pleased to start shipments to Nigeria through T-Bone after months spent to obtain the appropriate regulatory clearances. Our relationship with T-Bone Beverages allows us to address the Nigerian market at minimal cost to us. Nigeria has one of the ten largest populations in the world with over 135 million people and presents the potential for strong sales growth. We also expect T-Bone to open up other markets in West Africa for our products.”

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Who’s Your Daddy, Inc. (WYDI.OB) Restructures Operations and Strategy

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Who’s Your Daddy, a brand management company focused on the marketing, production and distribution of the Who’s Your Daddy®, and King of Energy™ line of beverages, announced today that they have made several changes in their corporate officers and board members in order to restructure operations and shift strategy to focusing on strategic geographic markets with strong market alliances.

First, Michael R. Dunn, who brings more than 34 years of industry related experience in the Food and Beverage market, has been named chairman and CEO. Former President Dan Fleyshman has been named founder and director of sponsorship, and former chairman and CEO Edon Moyal has been appointed to the position of executive vice president of the company’s Marketing and Brand Development division. The new board will now consists of five directors, including Michael R. Dunn, Edon Moyal, Derek Jones, Esq., and two additional seats designated for independent directors with experience in the beverage industry, company development or finance.

Edon Moyal stated, “Michael has been advising us since last September as an investment banking consultant, and it is a pleasure to welcome him to the Board and to the Company on a full-time basis. He brings a wealth of experience in developing and growing companies, as well as an established record of raising capital to fund that growth. His appointment to the CEO role will allow me to spend more time in the field obtaining new customers, supporting existing customers, and continuing to build the brand.”

Mr. Dunn added, “Who’s Your Daddy has developed an excellent brand and great tasting product. We have also restated the financial statements to properly incorporate the accounting for non-cash financial instruments including derivatives, stock options and warrants calculations. Now that we have completed these filings, we can focus as a team to incorporate systems and controls to ensure we complete our filings on a timely basis. Edon and I have currently turned our focus to concentrate our sales and marketing efforts on a selected number of strategic markets.”

He continued, “We have successfully weathered a very difficult period and have learned a great deal as a Company during this process. Our immediate plans are to examine all potential means to rationalize, restructure and/or settle past debts in order to raise capital for growing the business. During the past few months with the Company, I have come to appreciate the tremendous strength in the product and the brand, and I look forward to bringing my years of experience to bear in turning that strength into revenue growth.”

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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Who’s Your Daddy, Inc. (WYDY.OB)

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Who’s Your Daddy, Inc. (WYDY.OB) is engaged in manufacturing, promoting and selling its energy drinks known as “Who’s Your Daddy®” “King of Energy™” in the rapidly growing $4.9 billion U.S. energy drink market. The “King of Energy” energy drinks come in four flavors: Regular, Sugar Free, Green Tea, and Sugar Free Green Tea.

It also licenses various products centered on its trademark protected brand “Who’s Your Daddy,” which is designed to appeal to young men and sports fans who strive for Style with Authority. The company holds trademarks for approximately 300 products in the United States, Mexico, the Middle East, the Far East, Japan, and Europe, while being based in Carlsbad, California.

Who’s Your Daddy produces its “King of Energy” energy drink at facilities utilized by known national brands such as 7-UP, RC Cola and Pepsi. The Company is rapidly expanding by focusing on strengthening its distribution network. The Company has established distribution agreements with some of the largest and most respected beer and beverage distributors in the US, including Desert Eagle Distributing Co. in Texas, Southern Wine and Spirits in New Mexico and Capital City Beverage Company in Jackson, Mississippi.

The company is also involved in designing and licensing around 300 products to include products for babies and children, women’s apparel, shoes and energy drinks. All products are available under their brand name “Who’s Your Daddy.”

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Who’s Your Daddy, Inc. (WYDI.OB) Selling Product to

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Consumers in general have seemed to tighten their spending on big name products but their thirst for energy drinks does not appear to have been satisfied. However, the question is, can a company whose name stands out above the rest live up to its name? “Who’s Your Daddy®” is not only one of the most recognizable catch phrases, it’s also an energy drink and it’s definitely doing well to make a name for itself.

Who’s Your Daddy, Inc. is a brand management company focused on the marketing, production and distribution of the “Who’s Your Daddy®” “King of Energy™” line of beverages for the rapidly growing energy drink market. The King of Energy™ drink is said to pack a caffeine punch with a unique flavor, cutting edge design, and highly marketable name which immediately sets it apart from the rest. It is also a dietary supplement designed to energize and improve mental performance while increasing concentration, alertness, and physical endurance.

The company announced today that it is currently selling its entire line of King of Energy™ drinks to (NASDAQ:AMZN). Amazon will then resell the product online to its worldwide customer base, which provides a global marketplace through the Amazon distribution network. The Company intends to market its future products to Amazon, such as its pomegranate energy drink and its U.S. military commemorative cans.

Joseph Conte, Executive Vice President stated, “The ability to market Who’s Your Daddy products through one of the world’s largest online retailers is an important step for us. Our customers are now able to purchase our products in areas where we currently have no distribution. Working with Amazon provides us an opportunity to expand our marketing reach to the world markets.”

The energy drink is also available in national retail stores and its sales programs have expanded to include the U.S. military, with the objective of supplying its King of Energy™ drinks to 20 U.S. military bases by the end of 2008. A portion of the commemorative cans proceeds will be donated to Fisher House, a non-profit organization providing housing to families of injured soldiers.

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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Who’s Your Daddy, Inc. (WYDI.OB)

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Who’s Your Daddy, Inc. is mainly focused on manufacturing, promoting and selling its energy drinks. The company’s beverages come in four unique flavors including Regular, Sugar Free, Green Tea, and Sugar Free Green Tea.

The company has been expanding by staying committed to strengthening its distribution network. Through its efforts it has entered distribution agreements with some of the largest and most respected beverage distributors in the United States.

Who’s Your Daddy plans to further grow its distribution network and build brand awareness. The company’s brand name is known for offering cutting edge designs and high quality products at competitive prices, all of which put Who’s Your Daddy in a strategic position for additional expansion.

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