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Wind Energy America Inc. (WNEA.OB) Acquires Revenue Producing Wind Energy Assets of Boreal Energy Inc.

Monday, July 28th, 2008

The popularity of sustainable energy is a driving force behind several new energy markets working to find footing in an energy-starved world. If it sounds like a viable renewable energy source, investors climb right on in hopes of scoring it big. What many investors may miss, however, is that the markets with the most potential have already found their footing and are quickly moving to consolidate early positions for the longer term. Generally, the dew is off the rose in many markets and ready for a second round of growth. An investor that can find a company making the leap from fledgling to young bird is the investor who will find a tidy profit.

Wind Energy America Inc., a wind energy company, works to offer electricity to major utilities. The company operates along the entire wind power supply chain; owning, operating and developing wind power turbines and properties in the Upper Midwest and Southern Canada. Currently, the company is servicing contracts with Xcel Energy Inc. and Alliant Energy Inc.

One might think that wind energy is simply about constructing a wind turbine and selling power to an electric utility or community. In reality, it involves several different market disciplines along a fairly well defined market structure. Each discipline makes up the whole, but is often dealt with as an individual element of the whole; wind testing, land acquisition, turbine construction, turbine ownership, transmission equipment and line ownership/development, energy credits and direct energy sale to a utility all represent elements that comprise the wind energy market structure.

Wind Energy America is an active participant in each aspect of this structure, with asset accumulation being its latest development project. The company is currently producing wind energy for sale to two major utilities. It is, however, in process of developing over 1,000 megawatts of additional power (slightly less than comparable wind energy companies) for sale through the acquisition of: land, equipment, various share positions in existing and to-be-built projects, and energy credits. From a general point of view, the company and wind energy markets are quickly consolidating early development-stage advances to be in a better position for larger regional markets to emerge.

Although the wind energy market is still working to understand the dynamics of its market going forward, it is very much understood that there is profit to be made at each and every step in the process. Wind Energy America understands this and is quickly taking advantage. It is acquiring/selling/trading land and assets in stable wind regions, has transmission equipment in place, has turbine ownership in various shares, is producing revenue from existing projects, and is building energy credits for a potential market as yet unknown. Wind energy appears to be the renewable energy source in vogue at the moment, with many highly visible participants jumping on board for an uncertain ride. Wind Energy America is fully entrenched with revenue potential at each step in the process. Given the sustainability of wind power, it does appear that profit is in place for some time to come.

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Beacon Equity Research Featured Client: Wind Energy America, Inc. (WNEA.OB)

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Wind Energy America, Inc. (WNEA.OB) develops and operates wind energy products. The company focuses on projects in the Great Plains and the Midwest regions, which are known for their commercially viable wind speeds and wind constancy.

Wind Energy America owns a developer’s stake and minimal interest in three wind farms; Shaokatan Hills LLC., Lakota Ridge LLC., and CHI Energy, which together contain 79 modern wind turbines for a total rated capacity of 53.5 megawatts and a collective generation of about 160 million kilowatt hours of electricity each year. The company also owns a 3% equity interest in Averill Wind LLC., which is a 10MW wind farm near Fargo, North Dakota.

Wind Energy America acquired additional property and development rights owned by Boreal Energy, Inc. The property and development rights are for wind farm projects located in the upper Midwest and the Great Plains regions.

Strong interest in clean energy options has increased with the growing concern caused by high oil prices and greenhouse gas emissions. Wind energy provides an inexpensive and easily deployed energy source. The wind energy market is anticipated to reach $51.1 billion by 2015, a substantial increase from the $11.8 billion in 2005.

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Wind Energy America Inc. (WNEA.OB) Receives Research Coverage; Boost in Share Price

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Wind Energy America shares experienced a significant boost in price this afternoon, as two respected analytical firms showed support for the company. As an energy development company based out of Minnesota, Wind Energy America maintains the goal of cultivating a large portfolio of wind farm interests through both development and acquisition.

Early today, alerts were put out by both The BellwetherReport and Beacon Equity Research. In his report, Beacon Equity’s Victor Sula, Ph.D, rated WNEA a ‘Speculative Buy’ with a target price of $2.98, effectively conveying an extreme undervaluation of the stock at present.

Dr. Sula also noted the company’s promising future in his report: “Over the next four years, WNEA plans to complete approximately 280 MW of wind energy projects in the upper Great Plains and Midwest. The company estimates approximately $69 million of external funding will be required to complete these projects, including $40 million from equity financing. Assuming funding is secured and the various projects are completed, WNEA would expand installed capacity to 400 MW over the next four years. At this generating capacity level, the company could be producing annual revenues exceeding $80 million from electricity sales and annual income ranging around $40 million to $45 million.”

An impressive prospect indeed. Wind Energy America is operating in what is arguably the fastest-growing sector of the energy industry. According to a report by Clean Edge Research, the wind energy market stands to grow exponentially over the next seven years, reaching more than $50 billion by 2015; that’s more than four times what it is today. In addition, the Global Wind Energy Council believes that the output capacity of the sector will reach 149.5 GW by 2010, more than doubling current capabilities. These are all factors to be carefully considered when evaluating a company like Wind Energy America, working to develop our country’s power infrastructure of tomorrow, today.

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