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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Worldwide Manufacturing, USA, Inc. (WWMU.OB)

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Worldwide Manufacturing, USA, Inc. (OTCBB: WWMU) is a fast growing engineering and quality control firm, specializing in international contract manufacturing and logistic services. Worldwide’s clear competitive advantage is its ability to timely deliver high quality components at manufacturing costs that are at least fifty percent (50%) less than what Worldwide’s customers pay for when ordering similar products in the United States.

Worldwide provides its services to more than 100 companies in the United States, primarily in the wireless antenna, aerospace, automotive, and electronics industries. Although Worldwide initially focused on manufacturing components for the high tech industry, through its business model, the company now has the ability to manufacture components and finished products for a broad number of industries.

Through Worldwide’s wholly owned subsidiary in Shanghai, Shanghai Intech Electro-Mechanical Products Co, Ltd., the Company employs thirty three (33) staff engineers. As an engineering firm, Intech provides technical advice, design, on time delivery supervision, material procurement, and manufacturing quality control services to companies in the United States seeking to manufacture or purchase components from manufacturers in China.

The contract manufacturing services (CMS) industry consists of companies that provide manufacturing services to OEMs. As the capabilities of CMS companies evolve from manufacturing components to more complex manufacturing services, more OEMs are outsourcing their manufacturing.

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Worldwide Manufacturing USA Inc. (WWMU.OB) Stock Owns Four Manufacturing Business Subsidiaries in China

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

It is not common to find Over-the-Counter (OTC) stock from California with four operating subsidiaries in China. A return of average equity in excess of 25% over the past four quarters makes this company even more interesting from a stock investment perspective. Deeper analysis leads to further reassurances about future stock value.

The company is involved in making air-conditioners for automobiles. It has separate operations for producing electronic components and for making and machining dies. Since China has been at the center of so many quality failures during 2007, it is interesting to know that the company has a separate subsidiary just for Quality Control.

The management strikes profitable balances between direct manufacturing and related technical services. It combines top opportunities in doing business under owned labels, contract production for industrial clients, management services, and outsourcing some of its own requirements to local suppliers. This gives the company a number of options to respond to the dynamic business environment in China. The company is a valuable bridge between the economics of deploying Chinese labor, the rapid growth of that economy, and the latest in professional production management. The stock is worthy of active consideration by all investors who want to participate in the China growth story under the eye of US stock trading regulations.

The recent management decision to branch in to alternative energy through the manufacture of photovoltaic cells, improves business prospects further. Energy is a large business space, and most suitable for the company’s established strengths.

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RedChip Featured Company: Worldwide Manufacturing USA, Inc. (WWMU.OB) Announces New President Jeff Watson

Monday, January 14th, 2008

Worldwide Manufacturing USA, Inc. (OTCBB: WWMU.OB) is proud to welcome Jeff Watson as their new President. The Company is a U.S.-based China manufacturing engineering firm and direct manufacturer of die-casting, machining, electronics products and air conditioning units for automobiles.

Along with being responsible for the manufacturing operations of Worldwide, Mr. Watson will be primarily focused on creating marketing strategies to increase the company’s existing contract manufacturing, as well as researching possible high volume and advanced technology oriented manufacturing business opportunities.

With over twenty-three years of manufacturing job experience, Mr. Watson and the company are expecting greatly increased expansion of the manufacturing business at Worldwide. Mr. Watson held the position of President at Joslyn Sunbank Company, a division of the Danaher Corp., which produced revenues of approximately $10.7 billion in 2007, and is listed as a fortune 500 company.

He also brings a vast amount of experience in automobile manufacturing as he was with Fasco Motors Group and held the title of General Manager at Von Weise Gear Company, a designer and manufacturer of gear motors, linear actuators and support electronic assemblies.

Jimmy Wang, CEO of Worldwide, stated, “We are excited to have Mr. Watson join our team and to share in management responsibility, so that I, as the CEO and Board Chairman, can focus my attention on acquisitions, new project development and capital markets. His experience and knowledge will contribute greatly to the rapid business growth of Worldwide in the next few years.”

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RedChip Visibility Issues Updated Research Update for Worldwide Manufacturing USA, Inc. (WWMU.OB)

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

RedChip Visibility, a wholly owned division of RedChip Companies Inc., announced that firm has issued a third quarter research update for Worldwide Manufacturing USA Inc.

RedChip has reiterated their buy recommendation of Worldwide Manufacturing; trading under the symbol WWMU on the OTC bulletin board exchange. RedChip believes that Worldwide Manufacturing, a die-casting, machining, and tooling company, will have significant demand for their services throughout China. Likewise, the company is poised for rapidly increasing revenue as the company grows and begins to provide additional direct, in house, manufacturing services.

Furthermore, RedChip also believes that Worldwide will also beat analysts earning over the next two years. Consequently, the stock will generate a fully diluted EPS of $1.25 in the year of 2009. Redchip specified that the 12-month target price per share of WWMU is $16.00, with $13.00 being WWMU.OB’s fair price in November 2007. At the current trading price of $5.00-$7.25, this could be a buying opportunity for investors looking for small cap stocks with a high return on investment.

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RedChip Awards Worldwide Manufacturing USA, Inc. (WWMU.OB) with $15.00 Target Price

Monday, October 1st, 2007

Worldwide Manufacturing USA has been established for fourteen years and is focused on engineering, contract manufacturing, and direct manufacturing. Its customers are US-based companies primarily in the aerospace, automotive, wireless telecommunications, medical equipment, instrumentation and home electrical industries.

In 2005, the company began focusing on growth through acquisitions to achieve higher profit margins and gain complete control over the manufacturing business from sales, to engineering, production, delivery and customer service. Worldwide Manufacturing is committed to acquiring at least one factory each year for one product line, acquiring profitable factories that manufacture brand name or patented products in rapidly growing industries, and achieving annual sales of $50 million.

Redchip expects Worldwide Manufacturing to achieve significant revenue growth over the next two years with sales climbing from $11.41 million in FY 2006 to $14.25 million in FY 2007, $28 million in FY 2008 and $40 million in FY 2009. The research firm has factored projections revenues from two acquisitions of approximately $4 million each in 2007 and 2008. Redchip anticipates net income to grow from $0.97 million in FY 2006 to $1.21 million in FY 2007, to $2.15 million in FY 2008 and to reach $2.50 million in FY 2009.

In conclusion of the report, Rechip stated, “We believe that the Company will achieve significant top-line growth over the next two years and generate fully diluted EPS of $0.60 in FY 2009. We calculate a 12-month price target of $15.00 for WWMU and a PV of $12.50 as its fair price in September 2007. We think that, at a recent price in the range of $5.00 to $6.00 a share, provides a buying opportunity for value-oriented investors.

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RedChip Invites Investors to Join Worldwide Manufacturing USA, Inc. (WWMU.OB) For Lunch

Friday, August 24th, 2007

RedChip announced that Worldwide Manufacturing will be hosting lunch in San Francisco, CA on August 30th, 2007 at 1:30 PM. The company was recently featured in an exclusive interview with RedChip TV which included discussion of its recent 42% increase in revenues, other notable quarterly developments, current growth channels, and background.

Worldwide Manufacturing is a fast growing engineering and quality control firm which specializes in international contract manufacturing, and logistic services. Worldwide stands out from the competition by being able to deliver high quality components at deeply discounted prices compared to what customers pay for similar products in the United States.

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