DoMark International, Inc. (DOMK) Brings It All Together

When DoMark subsidiary SolaWerks announced that it had obtained exclusive rights to a patent pending technology that allows solar powered charging systems for mobile devices to tap the vast infrared (IR) portion of the electromagnetic wave spectrum, it was a perfect example of what DoMark does best. By being able to make use of IR rays, which are virtually everywhere, versus the far more limited visible light rays, the new technology provides charging capabilities far superior to standard chargers. It represents DoMark’s knack for identifying upcoming opportunities, companies that are in the right place at the right time to make use of important new technologies.

In the case of SolaWerks’ new IR charging technology, the development is a major boost to the company’s position in charging and other accessories for Apple mobile products. But it also unlocks a world of possibilities for mobile devices in general, allowing efficient charging from an entire new range of energy sources. No longer will the lack of an intense light source, such as the sun, mean inadequate charging, since an abundance of IR radiation is found indoors, from incandescent lighting and other sources. Whenever you feel radiated heat, you’re feeling infrared rays. It means the beginning of the end of dependence upon plug-in chargers and worrying about how much power you have left before your phone or other mobile device blanks out. With the worldwide demand for mobile device accessories well over $30 billion annually, such a breakthrough technology is of great significance.

DoMark, of course, is not limited to the mobile device market. The company actively considers any private company that it feels is at a critical juncture in the development of marketable new ideas. DoMark sees itself as providing the final push of needed human and other resources to bring it all together.

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