GlobalWise Investments, Inc. (GWIV) and Intellivue’s Unbeatable Mix

When it comes to the digitization, organization, and access of critical information, the key is simplicity and flexibility. Even to this day, companies and other organizations still find themselves trying to maintain two parallel worlds, one consisting of hard copy documents, and the other being computerized information stored online. Juggling data in both forms is hard enough without cumbersome technological requirements getting in the way. Any system designed to help get a handle on large volumes of documents must bring with it operational simplicity and flexibility, features that are the core of Intellivue, the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system offered by Intellinetics, a wholly owned subsidiary of GlobalWise Investments.

Intellivue is an advanced document management platform that brings to the marketplace an unbeatable mix of features applicable to a wide range of public and private applications, including, among others, education, financial services, government records, accounts payable, healthcare, retail, human resources, law enforcement, manufacturing, and distribution:

• Low cost delivery model
• Rapid implementation
• Ease of use
• On-demand business solutions
• Immediate access to information
• Reduced storage requirements

In particular, it is simple to use and flexible, easily integrated with legacy systems, and available on a resident or cloud basis:

Flexible deployment and implementation
o Hosted
o Premise-based
o Cloud / SaaS

Viewing flexibility
o Customized indexing
o Dynamic search and retrieval of stored information
o Prevents lost or misfiles documents
o Supports indexing with barcodes
o Online viewing for collaboration
o 24×7 online access

Work flow
Enables users to electronically:
o Review documents
o Conduct approvals
o Route content
o Assigning work task and states
o Enable audit trails

Advanced privacy technology
Allows users to “black out” sensitive content when the document is viewed, printed, or shared:
o User-controlled redaction
o Automated redaction

Host system integration
Easily links with existing host business applications to support:
o Dynamic database lookups
o Retrieval via DirectVUE™ one-touch technology

Records management
o Mange paper and electronic records through long-term archiving
o Automate document retention policies
o Ensure legal, regulatory and industry compliance

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