, Inc. (LFLS) Represents an Important Resource for Consumers is intended to be a valuable source of mortgage and real estate information for individuals interested in residential mortgages, in addition to providing a user-friendly portal to the company’s own residential loan brokerage services. To this end, the company offers critical guidance on what consumers need to understand when seeking a mortgage loan.

Regarding their own mortgage process, the company emphasizes the need for full and clear communication at all levels, an openness that is especially important and attractive to online viewers. Their stated aim is to make the mortgage decision process comfortable and straightforward by providing an honest itemized Truth-In-Lending Disclosure and Mortgage Loan Disclosure Statement/Good Faith Estimate from the outset. They commit to the consumer that their terms will not change unless they deliver a revised Truth-In-Lending Disclosure and Mortgage Loan Disclosure Statement/Good Faith Estimate, which the consumer must sign, date, and deliver back to the company, minimizing the chance for miscommunications.

Loans4Less sites also attract consumers by delivering valuable general advice that every mortgage seeker should have, regardless of where they look for a loan:

• The company emphasizes that, when shopping for a loan using an Annual Percentage Rate (APR), consumers should also compare the itemized dollar closing costs. They indicate that using an APR by itself can be confusing and even misleading without knowing the actual dollar costs used to calculate the APR. Always compare the non-recurring closing costs and be aware of the recurring costs such as taxes, insurance, and/or accrued interest.

• Loans4Less advises all borrowers to take into account the new considered loan program, interest rate, and closing costs, and to calculate the time-recovery of those costs in the form of lower monthly payments versus any current outstanding loan amortization schedule.

• Although the company is careful not to give tax advice, they point out that it is their understanding that discount and origination points are not immediately tax deductible when refinancing, and that borrowers should consult with their tax advisor or CPA as to how this and other factors may affect them.

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