Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: JC Data Solutions, Inc. (JCDS.PK)

JC Data Solutions, Inc. (JCDS.PK) is an ACH Service Provider as well as a Manufacturer and Distributor of Data Management Systems. The Company offers innovative and cost effective solutions for digital data processing and management. Their services include data collections, management and storage for clients in the oil and gas industry as well as legal services and healthcare industries.

JC Data was founded in 1996 and began by collecting data for GTE, which is currently Verizon. The Company continued to collect data in various ways by providing electronic forms for companies including Phillips Electronics, SBS, and many attorney firms. It recently entered into an agreement with PRIMEXX Operating Corp., which allows JC Data to provide Automated Clearing House Deposits (ACH) services for disbursement to investors.

Data management technology has progressed greatly. The advances enable companies to convert paper files into an electronic format and to process large amounts of data at very high speeds. The demands for these advanced technologies help reduce cost and improve operations with more efficiency.

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