Exchange Media Corp. (EXMD.PK) is Pioneering Media Technology Innovation

Exchange Media Corp. is focused on developing a new digital media platform that offers the best-in-class services for video on-demand and download–and-play content. China is currently experiencing a 3G mobile technology revolution as users demand fast internet access, games and multimedia content. Consumption of this content is expected to increase substantially as services providing this content are introduced.

Although most revenue for mobile carriers is still coming from wireless telecommunication services, the new media age mobile phones will bring carriers more opportunities to generate revenue from multimedia and original creative content downloads. The changing role of carriers from mobile telecom operators to mobile information operators will usher in a new business model and revenue source.

Exchange Media is already one step ahead of this market with its proprietary audio/video technologies that provide first class mobile multimedia services to target customers. The company’s new mobile media platform, integrating text, pictures, voice and video content, provides content providers, mobile operators, wireless services providers and media companies with the technology needed to capitalize on this new revenue source.

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