Intelligentias Inc. (ITLI.OB) and Xalted Inc. to Provide Data Retention Software for Large Asian Country

Intelligentias, Inc., (ITLI.OB) a growing force in the homeland security industry providing data retention, tracking, and investigatory services, joins forces with Xalted Inc., a leading solution provider of OSS/BSS, Telecom Security, Strategic Consulting, Managed Services and Value Added Solutions to Telcos and other communication service providers, to design and install a data retention solution for a large Asian country on an

Ian Rice, the CEO of Intelligentias said “The increase in global terrorist activities underscores the need for our technology. Our proven Retentia Data Retention solution can assist Law Enforcement and Government Agencies in identifying, apprehending and prosecuting terrorists and criminals faster and better than any one else.”

The Memorandum of Understanding the companies signed designates that Xalted and Intelligentias through Retentia, its wholly owned subsidiary, will provide Data Retention software on an exclusive country-wide basis.

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