Investor Village – Leading the Way in Stock Discussion Forums

Investor Village, founded in 2003 by brothers, Ralph and John Kidd, is a forum and financial information website where investors can discuss and debate their favorite stocks in user-friendly forums. Originally called BuyB4theRush, Ralph partnered with his brother in Atlanta after quitting an executive job and relocating there due to the surprise of Hurricane Katrina. Users of Investor Village will find various tools and free content such as quotes, charts and message boards on many traded stocks. Over one million investors visit the site each year to stay in the loop with the latest market buzz of the NYSE, NASDAQ AMEX and more.

The website was born from a community of investors willing to share their own stock research with other investors. The response to Investor Village has grown to investors from all 50 states and more than 30 countries worldwide. With content from trusted partners like PR Newswire, QuoteMedia, InvestorWords and TradersLibrary, they have put a “new face on stock discussion forums.”

Investor Village plans to attract further serious investors and maintain current forums in order to become the most widely used stock discussion community on the internet. As stated on the website, they encourage vigorous, open debate and welcome opposing and differing points of view. Investor Village plans to evolve the site based on member feedback and need of their investors.

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