Small Cap Voice Featured Client: W2 Energy, Inc. (WWEN.PK)

W2 Energy, Inc. (WWEN.PK) is a green energy company focused on becoming a major supplier in the Bio fuel marketplace. The company’s primary business consists of producing liquid fuels, such as diesel, gasoline, methanol, and butanol, from bio-mass feedstock, and co-generation of electricity through the capture of heat generated.

The company’s reactors use non-thermal plasma to partially oxidize biomass. The plasma is used as a catalyst and takes advantage of the chemical energy stored in biomass. The design of the device uses a reverse vortex cyclone to rotate biomass in powdered form along the walls of the reactor. The syn-gas generated is then compressed and entered into a reactor that converts the gas into diesel, gasoline, methanol, or butanol.

W2 Energy plans to expand in the short term through strategic partnerships, acquisition of correlating technologies, and commercialization of its core technology. On a long term basis, the company intends to integrate strategic acquisitions of related market corporations, partnerships, and advance market penetration.

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