Tactical Air Defense Services (TADF.OB) is Ready to Provide Necessary support to US Armed Forces and its Allies

Based out of Dallas, Texas, Tactical Air Defense Services provides aerial firefighting, air combat training, mid-air refueling, and other airborne support services to the US and other NATO governments. Their executive offices are located in Dallas, Texas and they operate a former US airbase in Denison, Texas. They hold numerous government security clearances and are certified as a private contractor.

Many Governments, including the US, are trending towards privatizing certain aspects of their military operations. Members of congress are also seeing the need to increase the budget as seen in Secretary of Defense Gate’s briefing earlier this year. Growing conflicts within Southwest Asia and other parts of the world are ever increasing the demand as well. The US defense Budget, according to a few reports, could grow to $600 billion by next year.

The company has the ability to Import implements of War (Pertaining to Aircraft and Aircraft Parts) into the US allowing them to operate and lease the Aircraft they obtain. To date TADF owns 2 MIG 29’s and four combat simulators along with one IL-76 and is in the process of acquiring three more. The IL-76 is configured for Air Combat Refueling and can refuel up to three Aircrafts at a time at a speed of 400 knots. Their 2 MIG 29’s used in the Combat training operations are the only fourth generation MIG 29’s available in the US. These aircrafts are used by many non US allied countries of the world. Ownership of these aircraft provides TADF with a significant competitive advantage.

The aging US refueling tankers and lack of has created a large supply shortage and problem for US Air force. Because of this shortage there is an immediate need to Out-source the Military’s refueling needs. US Air force representatives have already expressed interest in utilizing TADF’s IL-76 Refueling Aircraft as soon as it is operational.

Because of the lack of current training and support equipment in the US and its Allies, Tactical Air Defense Services stands ready to provide this necessary service. In addition to providing training through their Combat simulators, the company can also provide Red Air Aggressor squadrons due to their ownership of the MIG 29 aircraft. They aim to supply the US armed forces with a vast array training services and support services.

Tactical Air Defense Services is first in its industry created due to US armed forces and other Allies downsizing their fleets and increasing demands of military personnel in foreign wars. This has led the Government to look to the private sector to fill the gap. Having overcome much of the Entry Barriers in this industry, Tactical Air Defense Services sees itself as rightly positioned to provide the Air Combat and Air Refueling needs of the US armed forces and its allies well into the future.

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