Voiceserve, Inc. (VSRV.OB) Gives Business Travelers Alternative to Roaming Charges

As the global economy becomes increasingly interconnected, overseas business trips have become the norm for many. Those who have traveled abroad know that sending or receiving calls when roaming internationally can leave one with a hefty cell phone bill. This is because of the use of local SIM cards which routes to the local country network then to the origin network. Consequently the local SIM provider pays the country extremely high fees that are then passed onto the consumer.

What makes the VoiceSIM so great is that instead of being a one leg process it is a two leg process. This means when a call is made with the VoiceSIM, a SMS text is sent to the Voice SIM network then the Voiceserve exchange simultaneously calls the destination and SIM card owner within 10-15 seconds which cuts out the need to go through the local network.

By cutting out the local countries, network users can save up to 85% on calls to and from most countries. The number can be a local UK number or up to 35 different countries. Rates vary by country but inbound calls to the SIM range from $.20 on up to $6.00. Outbound calls are generally under a $1 depending on the origin and the destination and can be calculated on Voiceserves website.

SIM’s cost $50 and come filled with the equivalent talk time. They can be filled over the phone or online through email or directly from the handset. Balances and statements can also be seen online or over the phone.

Voiceserve was founded in 2002 by a group of Telecom professionals. They offer individuals, businesses and call shops a wide variety of services. These include: VoiceSIM cards, VOIP, Virtual Numbers, Callback, Web Callback, and Call Forwarding. Priding themselves in the latest technologies managed by dedicated technicians, Voiceserve gives consumers complete communication solutions at the best prices.

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