VoiceServe, Inc (VSRV.OB) Share Prices Rise 15.38%

VoiceServe, Inc’s (VSRV.OB) share price increased 15.38% during Monday’s trading session. Recently, VoiceServe was granted a $1.65 price target, and investors reacted favorably to this price target. The stock could continue upward momentum within the upcoming week, as investors have taken a keen eye on VoiceServe.

Voiceserve is a UK-based provider of low-cost Pay as You Go and prepaid cell phone services through the GSM Network. The company primarily serves customers in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. VoiceServe’s products include Voice over Internet Protocol airtime minutes bundled with optional convenient features, including virtual numbers, direct dial, web callback, call forwarding, Softphone and no roaming.

Voiceserve is also in the process of launching their Voice SIM product. This product will be able to reduce mobile phone bills for international travelers, as users will only utilize the Voiceserve network and will not incur roaming rates through other networks. Voiceserve also expects to open satellite field offices in the Middle East and Africa. Additional offices are planned for Belgium, Holland, Israel, South Africa, Switzerland and the U.S.

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