Rainbow Coral Corp. (RBCC) Nears Completion of Strategic Partnership with Trailblazing Pharmacogenomics Lab

Rainbow Coral recognizes genetic testing as “the future of medicine,” and this biotech small-cap company has every intention of securing its position in the burgeoning sector by expanding and honing its genetic exploration initiatives.

Reflecting this mission, RBCC today said that in the next few weeks it will finalize its partnership with a pioneering genome-mapping facility based in Houston, Texas, to focus on cutting-edge pharmacogenomics, a field of study resulting from the Human Genome Project, which aims to assist medical professionals assess genetic variations in patients in order to create optimal drug treatment plans.

“This is the next evolution in personalized medicine,” RBCC CEO Patrick Brown stated in the press release. “Important differences in drug metabolism and response from person to person are often rooted in our genes. By studying a patient’s genotype, doctors can eliminate the trial-and-error approach to tailoring a safer, more efficient and more effective drug treatment plan.”

In addition to its pharmacogenomics plans, RBCC is also working on a joint-venture agreement with a privately held drug delivery company that aims to improve the efficacy of local delivery of biologic agents and small molecules safer.

As RBCC shifts its focus fully to the exploration of new high-potential opportunities, its pending joint venture with Amarantus Biosciences comes to a close. Amarantus plans to pursue other avenues within the biotech sector.

For more information, visit www.RainbowBioSciences.com

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