Liberator, Inc. (LUVU) Grows By Defining an Innovative Path

Liberator is one of the nation’s foremost innovators of sexual health and wellness products, including furniture, apparel, bath and bedding items, and other intimacy-enhancing products. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the company has broken the stereotype of companies in their industry, and has become, in the company’s own words, the “thought leader” of the market. Their unconventional approach has helped bring them, and the concept of sexual health and wellness, into the mainstream marketplace, with write-ups in the New York Times, and product appearances in Hollywood movies.

Unlike other companies in their industry, manufacturers and retailers who do the bulk of their business with China, Liberator has focused on carefully controlled product quality, with their design, manufacturing, logistics, and marketing vertically integrated in the same office and factory complex. By so doing, the company maintains superior quality control while continually giving back to the community. Their 140,000 square foot headquarters near Atlanta has offices, production facilities, and a distribution center with 15 tractor-trailer docks, and includes offices housing all in-house design, advertising, sales, and customer service operations. Liberator seeks out the best and brightest artists, craftspeople, and advertisers, providing both the positive and creative work environment and the financial incentive for all employees to contribute their best to the future of the company.

The company is also constantly innovating new ways to be a clean and green manufacturing company, emphasizing the three environmental R’s of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. For example, rather than simply discarding material left over from their foam contouring operation, they recycle and reuse that byproduct in the manufacture of other items. In the process, they reduce the energy used to manufacture new material and save space in already-overcrowded landfills. Their emphasis on single-location vertical integration also means less transport of materials, greatly reducing their carbon footprint.

In short, Liberator has gone its own path, differentiating itself in its industry, and growing rapidly in revenue.

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