National Graphite Corp. (NGRC) Chedic Property in Nevada Shows up to 40% Grade on Some 1M Tons

National Graphite is positioning itself quite well for huge upcoming moves in the underlying supply/consumption dynamics of the graphite industry, with substantial acreage up in the rich Canadian flake in Quebec, as well as their Chedic Graphite Property in Nevada. The company reported some strong assay results today from sampling taken at the main Chedic production pit, showing a 25-40% grade with the potential to bring in over 1M tons of high-quality graphite.

Independent Geologist contracted by NGRC, John Rud, cited the recent geophysical survey data which showed a target well over 1,500 feet deep ranging from 50 to 150 feet wide, not including the new anomaly, as a strong lead-in indicator of the mineral potential here. Carefully targeted drilling under the soon to be permitted program will be ferreting out the true potential of this exciting site, consisting of 20 mineral lode claims just four miles outside Carson City. The continuous enriched structure was originally started back in the 1900′s with very minimal production ever done and now looks to be richer than ever imagined.

The forthcoming drilling will examine several low resistivity anomalies to the east which represent a clear extension capability for the main production area. Rud noted that the localized geology at Chedic, taken in concert with today’s findings and the existing analytical work, makes the entire project “extremely compelling.” The company obviously has a nice, large, second zone opening up here.

The first anomaly to the east (820 feet from the pit) runs alongside an exploration trench that exposed graphite mineralization and is roughly 1,640 feet or more deep, in excess of 160 feet wide (with a second anomaly detected just north indicating the true width of mineralization may be three times higher at around 490 plus feet). A second drill target just under 1k feet further over plunges to a depth of 1.2k feet at over 100-foot widths. National Graphite’s drilling program will fully probe the relevant anomalies, with a keen eye towards determining the overall grade in both.

Demand for graphite is set to jump 10-12% per year in battery manufacturing alone (Natural & Synthetic Graphite: Global industry markets & outlook, 8th edition 2012). You take into account delimiting of exports by top producer China and a massive future in nanotech where the demand for graphene will be through the roof and you have a perfect logistical storm that benefits small, domestic graphite producers like NGRC.

The company also maintains the Black Butte Project (silver-gold) outside Hawthorne, NV, which has some solid secondary target/indicator metals and clear indications that the relatively limited extant workings are the top of a larger epithermal quartz vein system.

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