New Leaf Brands, Inc. (NLEF) CEO to Reveal Turnaround Plans Soon

Earlier this week, New Leaf Brands CEO David Fuselier announced that the company will soon implement a broad, wide-ranging strategic plan to become a leading North American beverage company. In the press release, he hinted that the company will be announcing its first acquisition and potential joint venture in the near future.

It’s been said that Fuselier is eyeballing a broad range of potential acquisition targets, from brand marketers to a mid-Atlantic distributor, though very little has been publicly announced. New Leaf has, however, confirmed that meetings took place with executives from companies owning dozens of leading brands, as well as with distributors and producers.

New Leaf is known for its high-quality, great-tasting beverages that are sold in thousands of well-placed consumer markets. A diversified beverage holding company, New Leaf is focused on acquiring brands, producers and distributors within the North American beverage industry. The company’s corporate mission is to be the best small cap beverage holding company in North America.

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