StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (SFOR) Addresses Increasing Cyber Threats with New Anti-Breach Cyber Security Bundle

StrikeForce Technologies, developer of keystroke encryption technology that prevents keylogger malware from stealing sensitive information and passwords, today unveiled its new comprehensive Anti-Breach Cyber Security bundle.

According to a year-over-year comparison of the Ponemon Institute’s studies of cyber-attacks among select companies, the number of cyber-attacks increased 42 percent in 2012 vs. 2011. In the 2012 Crime Study, Ponemon reported 102 successful attacks per week in 2012, as compared to 72 successful attacks on average per week in 2011. The 2011 attacks cost 56 organizations in this study an annual average of $8.9 million per year, with costs ranging between $1.4 million and $46 million.

StrikeForce’s Anti-Breach Cyber Security bundle is designed to address the increasing trend of cyber-attacks by proactively protecting corporations from what the company says are the top three most exploited vulnerabilities: remote network access, desktop data leakage, and mobile devices.

In a press release, StrikeForce points to a recent Symantec Threat Report that revealed that in 2011 there were 403 million unique malware variants found.

“That equates to 1.1 million new pieces of malware, each and every day,” Mark L. Kay, CEO of StrikeForce explained in the press release. “To make matters worse, the majority of businesses today still use single-factor authentication (username and password) for network access and still rely on Anti-Virus software to protect their desktops, and now, they’re allowing their employees to utilize their own personal mobile devices on the corporate network. It’s no wonder why there is a great increase in data breaches.”

StrikeForce’s solution to this problem is its new Anti-Breach Cyber Security bundle, designed to mitigate the risk of breaches in each of the aforementioned exploitable areas. The technology utilizes the company’s patented ProtectID® Out-of-Band Authentication Platform, its patent pending GuardedID® Anti-Keylogging Keystroke Encryption Technology, as well as its newest product offering, MobileTrust for Apple and Android mobile phones and tablets.

“With the increase of Identity theft and the focus on regulatory compliance the StrikeForce products have become critical solutions, such as our patented ProtectID Out-of-Band Authentication Platform which is currently being licensed to Fortune 500 financial firms, government agencies, healthcare institutions, universities, major cable companies, large manufacturers and many others,” the company stated.

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