The Guitammer Company Inc. (GTMM) President and CEO Mark Luden Sits Down with to Discuss Expansive Growth, Recent Milestones

Last week, Mark Luden, president and CEO of The Guitammer Company, sat down with Executive Editor Henry Truc to discuss recent progress and milestones for Guitammer. Among topics discussed, Luden talked extensively about progress with Guitammer’s patented ButtKicker brand of low-frequency audio transducers, which the company has introduced as the next big thing in entertainment.

The line of ButtKicker products has added the fourth dimension of tactile sensation to entertainment. ButtKicker products allow users, both at home and in entertainment venues, to feel bass in a silent but powerful way. The company is now selling this technology throughout the world for use in movie theaters, home theaters, gaming systems, music, and other related applications. Applicable on any type of live broadcast, ButtKicker technology enhances the viewer experience for virtually every type of entertainment, from movies to sports.

“Imagine if, while you’re watching it, it was like you were in the racecar and you felt it,” Luden said.

“We now own the patent for being able to incorporate the actual feeling of the event, without any noise, to bring you in and make it a more immersive [experience] for you,” he added.

The Guitammer Company went public last year after receiving a comprehensive patent for the ButtKicker technology in March 2011. Financial progress has been rapid for the company since those milestones took place.

During the interview, Luden discussed the company’s recurring revenue plans and recent financial accomplishments, including substantial recent revenue growth and the installations of 4-D seating in China’s Sichuan Lumiere Cinema Co. chain of theaters. To date, 1,000 ButtKicker-enabled 4-D seats have been installed in theaters in China.

“The 4-D shaking seats in China are packed,” Luden said.

Overall this year, Guitammer has been working on acquiring capital structure, growing its core business, and getting first initial proof of concept underway on its broadcast technology.

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