TNI BioTech, Inc. (TNIB) and Immunotherapy

Just as stem cell technology holds out the current best hope for the regeneration of healthy cells, immunotherapy is becoming the latest best hope for efficiently dealing with diseased cells. Although immunotherapy in its broadest form can be said to date back to the pioneering work of 18th century English physician Edward Jenner, who greatly advanced the ancient but dangerous practice of inoculation, the modern practice of manipulating the body’s own immune system to treat disease is often marked by American surgeon William Coley who developed a rudimentary cancer treatment based on provoking an immune response to bacteria around 1891.

Today, although it is still a developing science, immunotherapy has become an important tool for treating various types of cancer, as well as other diseases. It can be used to provide a general boost to the body’s immune system, or can be used to focus the immune response against specific types of cancer cells. In addition, immunotherapy can be used to suppress certain immune system reactions, which is important for preventing rejection of organ transplants or for treating various auto-immune diseases.

TNI BioTech is a Maryland based biotechnology company that uses their own patented immunotherapy technology to mobilize the body’s immune system and combat fatal diseases, including cancer and infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS. The company’s most advanced clinical program works by isolating a patient’s lymphocytes and then incubating them together with Methionine Enkephalin (MENK) in an enriching external incubation system. The lymphocytes are then put back into the patient to destroy tumor cells.

The company is currently working with three primary products:

• IRT-101, an active immunotherapy that works by activating a patient’s immune system against infectious diseases and tumor cells
• IRT-102, an adaptive immunotherapy that works by isolating and enriching a patient’s own immune cells
• IRT-103, an active immunotherapy that works by activating a patient’s immune system against HIV/AIDS and tumor cells

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