TNI BioTech, Inc. (TNIB) Goes After the Magic Bullet

TNI BioTech is combating fatal diseases by using the developing science of immunotherapy. By learning how to activate and manipulate the body’s own immune system, TNI has developed their own patented immunotherapy that promises new and better options for the treatment of cancer and infections such as HIV and autoimmune diseases. TNI’s most advanced clinical programs involve immunotherapy that isolates a patient’s lymphocytes and then incubates them together with Methionine Enkephalin (MENK). The lymphocytes are then reinfused back into the patient where they combat and destroy tumor cells.

A primary target for immunotherapy is cancer, and it’s an approach that has important advantages over standard cancer treatments. Although the use of non-immunotherapy cancer drugs, together with radiation, represents a major accomplishment in the war against various cancers, it has come with a price. Such traditional therapies, in spite of many improvements over the past decade, do not have the inherent complexity of a bio-based immune system, and thus have less of a capacity for the programmed identification of cancer cells. As a result, their use still involves appreciable collateral damage to normal cells, increasing the number of painful and sometimes dangerous side effects. Increasing the dosage to kill more cancer cells risks more serious damage to normal cells.

Immunotherapy, on the other hand, offers the potential of accurately targeting only the specified cancer cells, leaving normal cells untouched. The result is highly effective destruction of cancer, with minimal concerns for extraneous damage and unwanted side effects. It’s a situation that has been compared to a war, where the bad guys are imbedded within the civilian population. With conventional weapons, the bigger the bombs the more civilian damage. With so-called smart bombs, the intended targets can be completely destroyed without hurting anything else.

Whether called a smart bomb or magic bullet, immunotherapy is considered by many to be the next important step in the fight against cancers and other diseases, and TNI BioTech is on the leading edge.

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