Tri-Star Holdings, Inc. (TSHL.PK) Announces Dividend, Anticipates Releasing Further Details of Developments

Today, Tri-Star Holdings, Inc. announced that it has finalized all details with NASDAQ and its transfer agent concerning the previously announced dividend. According to the company, November 15, 2008 will be the effective date of record and the distribution date will be November 20. 2008.

Those who participate in the dividend will receive one share of 144 restricted common stock for every ten shares held. Fractional shares will be rounded up and mailed to shareholders of record. Investors with shares held in street name will have their shares delivered to their respective brokerages for processing.

In addition to announcing details of the dividend, the management also stated that further development details of COS #1 and COS #2 mines in the Salome valley of Arizona are anticipated to be revealed later this week. Tri-Star officers visited the two sites over the past weekend.

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