VIASPACE, Inc. (VSPC) Grows an Energy Solution

While much of the talk about renewable energy has centered around wind and solar technologies, biomass has been steadily developing as a viable alternative, preferable in a number of ways to other renewables. Biomass refers primarily to recently living plant material that can be processed and used in a variety of ways to tap the energy captured from the sun by the plants. Although releasing that energy usually involves combustion, and the release of combustion related gases, biomass is still considered a green alternative because, unlike fossil fuels, the carbon released is balanced out by the carbon captured during the growing process. And, of course, it’s a renewable energy source because it can be continually regrown.

Among the benefits of biomass as an energy source is its flexibility. Biomass can be burned to generate electricity and heat, but can also be digested to produce bio-methane, and converted into liquid biofuels, biochemicals, and bio plastics. In addition, unlike some other renewables, biomass can fit relatively easily into the current energy infrastructure, using proven technologies. Biomass fed power plants, like fossil fed power plants, can be relied on to run whenever needed, with no need to worry about the variabilities of sun or wind. Nor do they require special locations with large scale footprints like hydro or wind power.

The question then becomes what is the best source of biomass material? Using waste material as feed stock brings with it a number of logistical, consistency, and economic uncertainties that can adversely affect financial support for biomass projects. What is needed is a dedicated biomass crop, but one that has the yield characteristics necessary to ensure economic viability, without a negative impact on food production.

VIASPACE believes it has the solution, offering the highest yielding biomass crop in the entire world, the company’s own proprietary Giant King Grass, which provides the unique operational characteristics required by banks and investors for financing bioenergy projects. Giant King Grass is a natural plant, not genetically modified, and it is not an invasive species. In addition, it’s a non-food crop and can be grown on marginal lands which are not used for growing food. And, perhaps most important from an investment standpoint, because of its extremely high yield, electricity produced from burning Giant King Grass is much less expensive than electricity from oil, solar, and wind.

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