VIASPACE, Inc. (VSPC) Highlights Advantages of Giant King Grass over Other Renewable Biofuels

Every new high temperature record reported creates additional pressure on governments around the world to reduce the massive amounts of greenhouse gases still being dumped into the atmosphere. It’s painful news, but it also increases the value of VIASPACE, providers of the most efficient biomass energy crop available, and a superior way to address the threat of global warming. The company’s proprietary Giant King Grass (GKG) is a fast-growing dedicated biomass crop that absorbs as much carbon during growth as it releases when burned. It provides carbon-neutral energy and potentially the highest yield available anywhere.

GKG offers definite advantages over other biofuels. Traditional waste sourcing of biofuels involves a number of logistical and economic issues that reduce its bottom-line efficiency. Depending upon waste sources means depending upon volatile resource markets for pricing, making it difficult or impossible to accurately forecast margins. Such unpredictability hampers the ability to obtain financing, restricting commercial growth. Dedicated biofuel crops are the answer, but too often this means using land or actual crops that can impact food supplies, an approach roundly rejected in many parts of the world. Another problem with many proposed bio-crops is their low yield. Bio-crop fuels are only valuable in as much as they can efficiently capture the energy of the sun for later release in power plants, and many crops simply don’t grow quickly enough to meet the need. In addition, some crops are limited in their ability to be processed for easy transport to distant locations where they are needed.

Giant King Grass addresses all of these issues, providing the best bio-crop fuel solution.

• GKG is a dedicated crop, with reliable and flexible growth characteristics, making it easy to predict the costs of production.

• GKG is a non-food crop, and can also be grown on marginal lands which would not be used for growing food, meaning no negative impact on food supplies.

• GKG’s super high yield means high output per unit cost, meeting even difficult cost targets for green applications.

• GKG can be burned directly, but can also be produced, transported, and burned in pellet form, making it a viable source for many locations.

• GKG can even be used as a feedstock to make liquid transportation fuels, such as cellulosic ethanol, butanol, and green gasoline, as well as to produce biochemicals and bio plastics.

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