Viscount Systems, Inc. (VSYS) Continues to Grow Security Offerings

Viscount Systems has been in the security technology business since 1969, with their products installed all over the world in corporate, institutional, and residential environments. Today, it’s more than just a matter of public safety. With vast amounts of critical information now reducible to the size of a standard thumb drive, the demand for security and access control is paramount. Viscount continues to grow its technology, establishing easier and more efficient ways to monitor and coordinate security efforts, regardless of how numerous and wide spread they may be.

In 2003, Viscount introduced a comprehensive security software system called MESH, with applications for telephone entry, card access, building directories, alarm, and video, with the system’s capabilities continuing to expand as new versions are released. The newest add-on module for MESH is called Facility Friend, designed to facilitate the management of staff and visitors through manned entrances. Applications include photo badging, visitor management, incident reporting, scheduling, banned visitors, and lost and found.

Facility Friend is a web based application allowing unlimited numbers of corporate locations to be linked for comprehensive facility management, including photo badging and visitor management. The system includes support for a number of ID scanners for simplified enrollment and tracking. Individualized passwords allow users to pre-register visitors. The system also allows management to add a range of user defined database fields to track vehicles, packages, lost and found, incident reporting, and banned visitor lists.

Another addition is ABC Vault, a Cloud-based software application for disaster recovery and contingency planning. The software effectively creates an enterprise-wide database and relational drawings of every piece of life safety related electronics, including door locations, in every facility managed by an agency or corporation. It enables users to create drawings of any door object in a facility and permanently store all drawings of all facilities. Users can add notes to define the make and model of each device, installation dates, and so forth. It also allows users to download and store any facility documents that may be required for disaster recovery. This includes fire alarm, HVAC, IT, plumbing, or any other building schematics/drawings.

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